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  1. You sound a lot like TheGamingLemon XD

  2. jose vasquez says:

    cool videos its just one problem +DiGeezGaming you  need to shut up are move your mic away from your mouth i like your videos its just your high pitched voice you also talk to much thats good just calm your voice bro…

  3. 1:20 in. Good luck jeff the Jew… God bless you.

  4. Esti un handicapat ca ț
    ipi ca un mort

  5. Very Gaming Lemon like… But those are the best type of videos! Nice one my dude subbed!

  6. David Bs says:

    This is realy funny video!:D

  7. Andrew Nix says:

    I personally think you should stop screaming in your video, it makes it bad. The rest like what you do in your video is nice, but stop screaming.

  8. R u from the Jews Peaple

  9. Man you are just one of the most hilarious gamers ever along with the Gaming Lemon and Draegast. Keep making those GTA V videos because I can't get enough of it. Quick question is that version of Firework from the movie "The Interview"?

  10. _ TOMM says:

    roger roger over roger over over roger over roger roger

  11. That mod has a keylogger hidden in it

  12. LightZ says:

    This guy is far too under rated <3

  13. Cccp TV™ says:

    8:15 Name Music Plyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Galaxy MC says:

    DiGeez are u talking into a toaster or are u having a fucking orgasm I can't tell. STOP SCREAMING

  15. funny videos man keep them up

  16. Ethan Savage says:

    dat star wars intro

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