HBO’s Bright Lights-Carrie Fisher Documentary. Why are the Iluminati killing Celebs?


The Choice & My Friend Within- Paul Romano Author Page Illuminati = Rich …


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  1. dj Carrera says:

    If……she'd dead

  2. Narlee Arlee says:

    Dude Prozac is Fluoride.

  3. Great job pockets! These people are not really dying, their personalities are being killed off. Its cashing in while the getting Its good and creates a nice distraction from real impending issues. Joan Rivers has been spotted with Clive Davis not to long ago and it's her without a doubt! David Bowie is alive as well. great video!

  4. CandyJane says:

    My first instinct is that these celebs are being killed and used as sacrifices to serve dual purposes as opposed to having their deaths faked. Ritualistic sacrifice is such a huge part of the "illuminati's" belief system and agenda…

  5. Hello World says:

    make a video about joan rivers, david bowie and michael jackson and the apparent evidence that they are still alive

  6. kickzo says:

    This is a fun little idea but by no means is this real journalism or credible in any kind of way. When society loses its need it for proof and facts they'll believe anything and that's a real issue right now with all the fake news that's coming out in the political arena.

  7. M Slater says:

    I love your videos!

  8. Newbeing says:

    And yesterday they released a new David Bowid video "No plan"…

  9. It was so disturbing. Carrie didn't have a chance in hell for any kind of a normal life.

  10. CeazAmaze says:

    that Illuminati BS did not start until Disney stepped into the Picture. it not exposed as much until pedophile institute Disney took it over

  11. Renee D. says:

    pocketsofthefuture…Hello again Paul. Great video as always…I believe these 2 sibs, carrie and her brother Todd Fisher, were transgendered at birth b/c in addition to Carrie's masculine features (and looking like a male a baby/ toddler), her brother (seen at 3:44)clearly has female features.I know some will gripe at my opinion but I know what I see and I'm wide awake…Also Debbie is said to have had lots of work to look that feminine(a good job at that).Her voice was also deep and I believe her mannerisms(as much as I liked these 2)were due to the old Hollywood glam Tranny culture /Agenda that we didnt even realize was taking over in plain sight.Also look at Eddie Fischer's other children with Connie Stevens- Those 2 actresses are also very manly, having deep voices .They TOO look like MTF transgendered people.I truly believe this was the celeb parents contribution: transgendering their kids & going along with the AGENDA as opposed to offering their kids as possible blood sacrifices…Paul, to me, this one HUGE extended family of Generational transgenders- Interesting note…Debbies mom was very tall,manly and haughty as well.She wasnt very kind and nurturing and I believe alot of Carries torment was due to this hidden aspect of the business. Carrie said her Grandmother locked Debbie in the closet when she was young but didnt allude to any abusive aspect of it -(this is known to be a way these type impart torture through darkness and fear of tight space)..Carrie also gave each of her personalities a name-I believe this couldve been from mind control at a young age.

  12. John Amato says:

    NOW AT 5:43 INTO THIS VIDEO , you see CARRIE FISHERS trunk area, if you look at her belly button above it should be an indent point that is on every female body , you don't see it., this person is transgendered . sorry to say it Star Wars fans, but she was a transgender ,, actually people are understanding that all of them are transgender in Hollywood, i honestly cannot find ONE REAL WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD !! NONE!! DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF, it's bizzare ,,it's crazy , but it's true & it needs to be dealt with . these people lie about even the people you see on TV that we all grew up watching & the stars we watch in Movies & TV today . These people are deceivers & they have been doing this for a very long time, just look at all the presidents & first lady's as far back as you can go , all trannies!!

  13. that Carrie fisher looks like a boy in that photo of her as a kid .

  14. Trauma based mind control. See Randy Quaid.

  15. Thousands of unexplained deaths.

  16. Ask Prince, Lennon and Michael Jackson, Whitney and Whitney's kid. All the stars from the 1960's….the catalog. The catalog is an annuity in perpetuity. Randy Quaid calls them the "Star/whackers". They also kill family members.

  17. take good note= for those who are responsible for their deaths ((if ??)) there will be great KARMA awaiting- you cannot fathom on how horrible BAD 'K' is– and the tortures that one endures for doing demonic and evil deeds –(( the devil many give you treasures)) like money -power and gold–but it ends- NOT LIKE GOD — who can take away your soul and it is FOREVER…

  18. Beatwize6 says:

    Her mother died a day after because of the (stress) harmones that affected her heart and circulatory system which regulated her physiology and well being, so cut all the illuminati bullshit. People die everyday and in strange ways. So, WHO DO YOU THINK MURDERED MILLIONS OF BLACK SLAVES? Was it the illuminati or just white people in general? ILLUMINATI THAT!

  19. Don Kosky says:

    Of Course Cher had to use the Lord's name in vain in a matter of fact Twitter comment. These people hate God so much they don't even recognize when they do it. And I'm sure not one of her friends corrected her.

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