How The Illuminati Controls The Music Industry



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  1. She's probably young and restless, either that or she has some ants in her panties.

  2. she's got ants in her pants 😀

  3. Thanks for reminding me why I'm into underground music. MTV lost my attention ages ago.

  4. This girl is most likely on drugs, but she's hot as hell.

  5. The popular music music industry is controlled by the illuminati, who use "artists" to spread their saturnic message. The evidence is in the final product. It doesn't matter what your personal experience is as a hanger-on. Project Monarch (represented by butterfly symbolism) and the Music Industry are closely related, which is made patently obvious in the music videos, primarily of female artists. All artists are controlled through covet means. They literally trade their souls for fame, riches.

  6. actually, it is fairly obvious that she is a sentient, thoughtful (smart), aware, humble human being with an exquisite nature. Why don't you try using your intellect to make a counter-point (if you really have one) instead of falling back on lazy (revealing) ad hominems?

  7. DominoChild says:

    I'm pretty shocked after watching that Rihanna video. I've seen other videos that have led me to question the overall purpose of the video but to have it written literally in plain view…I'm speechless.

  8. Aelius says:

    Interesting topic but so sooo sooooo boringly done. Yawn.

  9. There's no such thing as an illuminati

  10. She can't sit still because she's stoned

  11. Prove it! Prove there is a God or isn't. Stop boxing yourself in man. The word is a catch all term nowadays. The Bavarian Illuminaten is interwoven into various factions these days. (Purportedly)
    The facts are all there. The conjecture too. Don't just say things because you are uncertain or unfamiliar with the subject. Bilderberg didn't exist for many people either, 'til you perceive it for yourself. Everyone forgot about the Vril/Thule society though. Illuminati-light searchers
    Vril-the light?

  12. TheAwedax says:

    Say what? You're either clueless or a troll! Take your pick! lol

  13. i used to think that entertainment, government, professionals etc. etc., sucked because people just generally suck, and positions in society are filled based on who you know, rather than whos good at something.. but now i tend to think that it is indeed all a plot to dumb down society.. there are many benefits to those in control of things, to dumb down a society.. too many to mention in a comment

  14. The music died as soon as the blood sucking parasites got control of it. Whoever said rock and roll would never die didn't know anything about corporations. I'd like to see some talented artists make a song called ELITES SUCK!

  15. Avaadorey says:

    I work in Entertainment in Holly. and sick and tired of seeing vids like these which are full of Disinformation. Yeah there's deception, but these people are way off about how it's constructed and what it's aim is . Don't trust Alex Jones, Allan watts and other so called "Whistleblowers" They mix truth in with lies. The truth is the Bait to get you lured in so you'll accept the bs. Use your heart as your compass to truth, and trust yourself as your 1. Authority. The Real truth is rarely spoken.

  16. AMBASSSIDOR says:

    Exministries dotcom

  17. so what's your view on the matter,what exactly is disinfo in this vid and others like it,and what is the truth that is being concealed from the public?

  18. espinaca79 says:

    Congrats guys. Great comments from you both!

  19. Tim Zek says:

    You must represent H-Wood with that brainwashed answer…

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