Illuminati Exposed – Illuminati In The Music Industry (Shocking Documentary)


In this Doomsday prophecy video, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the existence of Illuminati in the music industry i.e., …


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  1. John Martin says:

    You all be fighting about religion. When you should all work together to open your eyes on this kinda stuff.

  2. How do we even know this is true? Has anyone ever heard the saying "Don't trust everything you see on the internet?" For all I know this could have been made up, and the facts were twisted. I'm not saying it's entirely false, but I also don't think it's entirely true. Maybe the media is deceiving the fans and everyone else just to get money. All I'm saying is that the internet isn't always correct, despite the information that is given.

  3. John Allen says:

    I can’t take any Illuminate theory seriously because my little sister got so scared she actually started to believe that they were going after her in ASDA btw that in the uk I laughed so hardly.

  4. These super stars are evil I think they should go to hell if they are acting like they are ruining the world they have to think about what they are doing they are breaking gods heart god made all of us to believe in him not to ignore him god is very special all of these super stars are demonic and don't judge me because I think I am saying the right thing god means every thing to me.

  5. Joseph Goody says:

    Why would the Illuminati have dumbasses like Lil Wayne. Plus if Illuminati is real, so what? What's the point? Stop listening to them? Stop idolizing them? And the Illuminati was never supposed to be like this. They were a group of society against religion and prefered science. They were forced to dissolve after the Bavarian government banned secret societies in the 1700's.

  6. Mark Payne says:

    I'm gonna talk to a priest. someone with REAL KNOWLEDGE on religion and stuff like this to see if it's all true. Honestly why come up with all these theories.

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