Illuminati Plans 2016 – The end of the world Documentary 2015


Illuminati Plans 2016 – The end of the world .


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  1. hellq6 says:

    and god didnt allowed you to pray in a wrong bible you just followed satan
    and what they say about satan symbol that refer to jesus is correct

  2. ventura 74 says:

    The bible is a story ! Freemasons are good men!

  3. Believing in God is like believing in Santa.The only person you should ever believe in is yourself.

  4. Ahdu Suchst says:

    Jesus bloodline life by million peaple of the world . I am from Da Vinci Code and from Jesus bloodline and the holy grail is of the last supper of first Apostle head on wall . The Antichrist has the ring from Salomo but banned from the bible the history from ring Salomo .

  5. who ever made this is dumb hes just going to make people firkin worried so don't believe this this is the internet your looking at anything could be fake most things are on the internet. And also god will save us from the end hes to protect us so don't believe anything about this. Ooo Illuminati Confirmed What the Frick Is this Anyway???!!! ive been paranoid for the whole year cause of this guy ive been looking at my calendar!!! Ooo End of World 2016 God Is Not Going to let us Down He Can Control The Universe were going to be fine alright guys stop telling your friends SOMETHING BAD IS GONNA HAPPEN ON SEPTEMBER 25th Or September 22 Because People Cant Have Proof About the End or Illuminati If it Is Real JUST BELIEVE JESUS AND GOD you could change Everything With One Step Just Believe. And if It Does Come Be Ready but if its Fake Say NO!!!! IM NOT GOING TO BELIEVE SOME CRAP VIDEO ON THE INTERNET!!! And Also The Illuminati IS DEAD!!!! THE SOCIETY DIED AND SOMEONE EVEN CONFIRMED THERE DEAD AND THE OTHER PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE THERE MAKING THESE VIDEOS CAUSE OF THIS GUY WHO MADE THIS VIDEO EVERYONE JUST CHILL OUT GOD WILL PROTECT HE DIED FOR US HE MADE US AND HES THE GREATEST GOD EVER!!!! So Shout out to everybody out whos freaked out… Its Fake Stop Talking About It AND WHY DID FRIKIN YOUTUBE NOT BAN THIS CRAP ITS STUPID IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY IF THINK ABOUT YOUR PETS YOUR FRIEND AND YOUR PARENTS AND ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE YOU LOVE! It makes you fill like everything is gone forever NO EVERYTHING IS NOT GONE WE CAN CHANGE IT WE CAN STOP THIS MESS FOREVER!!! NOW WHO WILL JUST Believe In There Selves So Bye Guys

  6. Kuljit Gill says:

    fake the world is never going to end

  7. first they said that 2015 will be the end of the world, now 2016???? what the f#@k…!!!! guys come on!!! make up your minds…!!! this is all fake

  8. Toni Kostov says:


  9. Their plans keep being put forward…its now going to be 2016…then 2017…etc……..this is a load of BOLLOCKS!

  10. The end of the world will happen in December 2012!

    No, I mean March 2013!

    Erm, I mean September 2013!

    I mean February 2014!

    I mean 2016!

    I mean the year 2030!

    I mean the year 2525!

    Year 10^30012!

  11. Now its 2016 ? When it comes 2016 i bet its gona be videos telling its gona be 2017 😉 Thank you for making me not a beliver :p

  12. ILLUMNATI PLANS 2013 (doesn't happen)
    (Doesn't happen)
    ILLUMNATI PLANS 2015 (doesn't happen)

  13. Mr. Zix says:

    Dont forget to sent the paster money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  14. Anybody want to hit this blunt? 

  15. James Chaney says:

    it's not fake people.

  16. James Chaney says:

    The thing is tell us how to defeat him.

  17. Ah so now it's 2016 – ERM ok

  18. The headline is a GOTCHA catch people to watch. The end no one but God the father knows the bible tells us. But, bored and looking for something to watch on a night off I stumbled upon it and the bible comparisons and the preachers points being made are good for the people who are being taught the word in a new and jacked up way. Good work on the show

  19. The King James Bible seems to be tampered with as well. When did a king ever do something to benefit it's people? But the most disturbing thing is; if you look at the title page of the first ever King James Bible you'll see a man lurking in the shadows, he's holding a square, you visibly can see a injury to his head and he's center directly under the dove(representing the holy spirit), he's Hiram Abiff the father of freemasons. Don't get me wrong it seems all religions have been ruined, but to think this version is the way? View for yourself:

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