Illuminati & the NFL


ODD TV Reupload: The NFL is a product of the what we now call the Illuminati. Billionaires, corporate giants, secret societies, world leaders and political …


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  1. Brad Tyler says:

    Oh my God. I am not even into sports but I can't even remember the last time I heard Tim Tebow's name and he was huge at one time. Wow.

  2. really Tim Tebow he was an awful football player and he's to pure ha no talent but he stays relevant now he's trying to come back that's your devil now I agree with some if not 99% but you guys don't look at the real shot check your religion and how it all goes back to one source and duck the enlightened ones you need to know who the real enemy is the one with the name you don't know get smart and stop reaching for bits of ignorance and really research and of course it's all rigged nba ,nfl, ncaa, and whatever else you want to hear

  3. illuminati says:

    is donald trump illuminati

  4. phough83 says:

    You have a gift from God brother. NEVER STOP!

  5. Great points about Tebow!!!! Tebow isn't in the league because he's not a GREEDY DEVIL WORSHIPPER!!!!!!I can say that after the Seahawks/Patriot superbowl debacle that it certainly appears that game was fixed when the Seahawks and Lynch marched down the field only to throw the ball directly into the hands of a Patriot!On the flip side it looked as if the Patriots threw the SB game the season they were undefeated. Literally allowing the Giants to pick them apart on that final drive giving them 10 yard cushions…right!!!!

  6. Jim Burns says:

    good job, as always

  7. Can't imagine what my brain would be like today if I'd been toting sports statistics around all this time.

  8. HBK970 says:

    Aye man, I live in Fort Collins, Colorado myself, so it's cool to find someone close by to give their views on this stuff, you got the perfect voice for doing this and I really enjoy the sarcasm you throw in there! I definitely look forward to seeing more videos brother! I agree 100% with your video… I'm a 49ers fan and I watch occasionally, but I still agree with what you're saying. Denver is definitely like one of if not the home base for these evil guys… DIA has some creepy shit too, but, you already knew that! Look forward to watching more videos, take care brother.(I left this comment at about 16 minutes, so, I had to come back and edit it once I heard you mentioned the airport LoL)

  9. while watching a sports game watch for the score of the game. watch for the time of the game 3rd look at the quarter they are playing in 4 look at the jerseys numbers. MLB look at the pitch count inning and score. add the numbers up if it's a game changing event look up the numbers do the math it will always end up being 13.

  10. very good video people are waking up we are getting closer to the generation of the fig tree.

  11. thank you for this video !!
    I hope it will wake up a lot of people

  12. Interesting take, cool video, I love the topic. I love your line about not feeling like explaining the same shit that even your kids pick right up on. I feel that way at times, my boys will see how this Babylonian whore of a system uses images of power to keep our attention (aka direct our worship). I don't think it's the images that are evil (backward), it is the deceit of those outside the frame. The US military participation is getting to the point where we might soon have jet shaped drones doing fly overs at the parks and recreation center to the grand cheers of the audience. I have such a hard time watching even randomly, because of the constant promos, deceptive advertising, and constant militarization. It's all being framed deceptively.

  13. Chew Baca says:

    Pro sports = business. I can't sit and watch games. I was big into the NBA. And then it happened. Western conference finals. Portland was washing the Lakers clean. A couple close games. Into game 7. Portland had just worn out /down the lakers. Portland was ahead going into the 3rd quarter. They were gonna win the wcf. What happened you ask? Pippen and the Trail Blazers missed obvious shots. They threw the game. My guess? The Lakers' market was much higher than Portland's. Profits. Profits. Profits. Personally I have never watched the NFL. And baseball? Obviously couldn't give 2 shits to watch MLB.

  14. 2010 Scott Walker pissed all over the state of Wisconsin and the rights. Wild Card Packers win that years super bowl. The next year there is a walk in walk street in New York and ohhh all of a sudden the Giants win that years super bowl. Trust me it's all RIGGED and I've learned through other people that are awake this years super bowl 51 will be Colts and Viking. We'll see God Bless you all in Jesus Christ.

  15. mobius CDXX says:

    and dont forget the sports banner colors! blue and red= purple.. royalty

  16. Where do you get all this money and free time to make these videos and constantly do every drug known to man?

  17. He was dropped because he made a political statement. Happens all the time.


  19. Annyonny says:

    16:29 FWIW, in Heraldry, which is in some ways related to the Crusades and the Knight's Templar, that horse might be described as Sinister Horse Rampant. Sinister referring to the direction the horse would be facing were it emblazoned as an emblem on a shield from the perspective of the shield bearer (left), and rampant referring to the pose of the creature (rearing up, also called forcene for horses). From what I understand, just in case you're not aware, the Knight's Templar allegedly have some connection to modern day secret societies and the occult. For example, Baphomet is said to be one of the main religious idols for the Knights Templar. I'm not saying the Denver Broncos mascot or any of the other horses in question (except, perhaps, for that one from that really fucked up air port in your state) necessarily symbolize anything evil, I just thought you might find that interesting; in the video you sounded pretty sure when you said, "it ain't nothing," but who knows, it might be something.

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