Illuminating Angels & Demons (Full Documentary)


Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, Angels & Demons, has become an international success to rival his blockbuster The Da Vinci Code – and this documentary will …


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  1. This doc is rubbish but I'm genuinely surprised in th amount of people here that actually have so much faith in the Bible in this day and age. I mean my God! (Forgive the punn) maybe it's because I'm not American, but I'm genuinely shocked.

  2. I this is true we have a problem now about all these things, but seems we are facing a different problem now.

  3. D S says:

    I enjoy this fictional story, but the Vatican and Jesus are on the side of good where liberalism, socialism, communism … are evil (e.g. abortion, homosexuality, legalized drugs…).

  4. Hehehe, Oh that Illuminati when will they ever learn ?

  5. John Manning says:

    so my question is why does the vactian hide so many secerts…the have their own why dont they come clean why hide shit…this is what is wrong with the world…why keep secerts..if im not mistaken its a sin to lie to decieve…and dosent the pope have to be completely honest..all churches and religons have been so corrupted dont you think its time to come clean no more lies and secerts just a thought

  6. dad do you have a secert place where you pray do you want me to walk away from long beach and follow my dad's wisdom to find you in my mind do you know dad this is a big state and I'm the type of girl that listens to my loud head and follow it to places where nobody is there anymore why has somebody trick my mind wisdom what kind of future they want to misguided me is this a Samsung prank to get me hacked again should I by a gun for sneaky people to kidnapped me because they think it is funny and they could be really mean people I don't know I couldn't make them talk out there detail minds to find out what the he'll they really want with me dad you really see what I look like now you probably need my paperwork to prove to yourself that I could be related or maybe your in a cult and you people are in my breathing air and I don't know know how to get away from hidden strangers

  7. If these religious priests, bishops, cardinals and popes really believed in God why do so many of them and the nuns rape kids all over the world. You have to call into question their commitment to the faith when they do possibly the worst possible crime a person could commit. We should torture and hang these priests for their sins, but no they do not even get a slap on the dick.


  9. Amiations says:

    Should have realized what this would be the moment the history channel logo came up… Jeeeeez…

  10. Stop being paranoid about everything because no matter what you do nothing can stop me from fulfilling my duties as the ruler of all mankind.

  11. We must be active in the universe as a whole so that everything will be in order but with my leadership, I will no longer let my followers to lie anymore just to please some sectors. I want the world to be ruled in transparency and freedom.

  12. bullshit heres no such thing. they are all people. timetravellers. natural and technical. and the angles? real angles will return force equal called karma. so its there now just hope it doesnt take me out before it takes you mptherfucking nasty scum jews out first.

  13. jim jimmy says:

    More and more evidence that humans are nothing more than PARASITES , GREEDY SELFISH CRUEL …BRING ON A DEEP IMPACT ..

  14. i just finsh haveing sex with my self

  15. Angels and Demons indeed!

  16. Angels and Demons indeed!

  17. Craig Mager says:

    It's ALL bullshit… Christianity is a mix of several different 'religions'. Religion itself is only a belief system, a belief that what is forced on you is right (let's face it, not ONE religious book (Bible, Torah, Quran etc) was 'faxed from heaven')) and is therefore written by man and is therefore open to interpretation..

  18. Zaq Voir says:

    Pinky and the Brain … what shall we do tonight? … try to take over the world! … narf !!

  19. Mystic River says:

    Where did the Bible get its name?

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