INDIA Vs CHINA : Why China Should Fear of INDIA #Mind Blow


If China, Pakistan attack India at the same time, how long will it take them to defeat ? In straight numerical terms of population, economic might, military …


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  1. Harold Tan says:

    clearly ur indian

  2. Josh says:

    Let China develop first and spur the world economy and then when China reached the peak of its growth,India could take over and continue on China's role.That way, Asia could be the engine growth of the world for several centuries.?

  3. BROWN says:

    it's not big gap, don't worry, just harry up. future always belong to India.?

  4. Emma says:

    don't waste time for this stupid comparison, India is no match for China, and will never catch up China.?

  5. Jenna says:

    Hi people. I am from india there is no meaning of such videos….. There is no doubt that is technically china is more powerful than india. China is a developed country and india is a developing country….chinese people we respect your country and culture…. AND We love our country…. There is no need of fighting on internet over this issue
    Lets live in peace and social harmony…. -To all?

  6. Anna says:

    india is not developing because they have so many religions.?

  7. Jose says:

    i like curry, but i dislike India, becoz they are really disrespectful to the Indian women !?

  8. Ryan says:

    Why indian use to compare with china, they never compare with india.

  9. Jackson says:

    do you really think China and India will go to war?
    Do you really think the east Asia countries want a conflict with China?
    of course not!
    it is only America stirring up the pot!
    the only country that want war all the time is America!
    they have blood on their hand all over the world. theirs is a path of death.
    Do not be swayed by the murderous motives of America.?

  10. Mason says:

    most of China made product are sell out in india?

  11. Ismail Hasan says:

    poor PakistanI they don't have anything for comparision lol?

  12. Logan says:

    India should compare with Nigeria…?

  13. Ethan says:

    Lol india comparing with china fukin joke , india is in Pakistan league?

  14. Aiden says:

    If you
    Chinese are better than us then why u were crying when we placed Brahmos regiment In Arunachal Pradesh?

  15. BY.C says:

    Great to see some reasonable Indian here, we Chinese dont want war with u either, and we are friendly country from ancient time, a big part of Chinese culture is come from u–the Buddhism, we respect u from the very beginning. Let's forgive the past and thrive together, make Aisa great again! US is our common rival which keep stirring up the pot and want us fight each other! don't be fooled by them!

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