The White House posted a bizarre video yesterday where it seems to depict Barry as Stephen Curry’s HANDLER, Barry like to call it “mentorship”, but did Obama …


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  1. Malik Golden says:

    Stephen curry is legit

  2. Malik Golden says:

    Stephen curry is the most religious humble guy

  3. BruhBeast 2 says:


  4. just came here to tell the maker of this video you stupid asf and stfu

  5. +The Black Child so i got a question….. do they offer you a deal into the freemason/illuminati bs, tricc you, or force you into it ??

  6. Carlos Perez says:

    His family has been in the club, people think he throws up 3s but it's really a 6.

  7. um some say Michelle obama is a transexual male? hmmm

  8. shut the fuck up. he signed with underarmor over Nike because Nike doesn't support his Christian beliefs. I hope you see this. get a job you Panzi.

  9. ross barkley says:

    Black Child has done good work in the past, but this makes no sense.

  10. kayne kayne says:

    Dommage pour Barack mais il a été sincère durant son mandat lorsqu'il disait à demi-mot que ce n' était pas lui le président des usa. Le seul homme politique au monde à essayer d' ouvrir les yeux de l' humanité (pour ceux et celles qui ont encore l' éveil avant le chaos définitif.thanx Obama. We now : You d' on have the. Real power.

  11. all nba player's are luciferians. it's not that hard to figure it out, those that are awake know.

  12. Her wife got a cooking show on the Food network and that's not a good thing. Because if she is planning to being succesful as martha stewart, rachael ray and nigella. You need to make a sacrifice to keep your career in the cooking business.
    Martha, nigella and rachael they already made their sacrifice.
    What is going to be Ayesha's sacrifice?

  13. Mac. T says:

    You people have nothing to do.

  14. Mark vangard says:

    The real question is how is steph influencing the culture to do evil. The guy is practically a saint. This video is null.

  15. Bam Trak says:

    Anybody notice after steph curry took the record for his 400 3's? Try to review the video when he made that horn hand gesture.

  16. The Black illuminati Child you have take this illuminati conspiracy bs to another level. Dude you need some mental therapy treatment. Every famous black person or athlete can't be a masonry even if there is such thing why only you got blacks in your videos. You are a racist ass white who disguise as a black person. why?

  17. Davis Milne says:

    Steph Curry and Obama are not illuminati stop discrediting him for his skills and as for Ayeshas cooking show she started off small as a youtuber. Yall hating too much

  18. Che Bugginz says:

    If anybody believes this, they are dumb as fuck ???

  19. 1Circusman says:

    Lmao man stfu with this lame sh*t

  20. i literally did not understand one single thing this video pointed out, which proved steph curry was illuminati. o-o

    Its almost as if this video is just a joke.

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