Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Public Defenders (HBO)


The Miranda warning includes the right to a public defender. It doesn’t include the fact that public defenders are highly overworked and grossly underpaid.


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  1. lol basically. . your f#$d lol

  2. randy miller says:

    this guy sounds like a fucking communist!

  3. America where it's a crime to be poor but we spend how much on the military industrial complex per year …..why because fuck you , murica .

  4. Heena Ahmed says:

    Liked the video before it started x

  5. Chad nonyat says:

    This highlights that a plea bargain in Florida has no correlation to guilt! Think about that whenever find out that someone has spent time in a Florida prison.

  6. There's no incentive to fund public defenders

  7. have you read to kill a mocking bird, clearly no
    I love the show though

  8. Tom W says:

    Sam the Eagle is John Oliver without glasses and TV makeup on! XD

  9. Isaak Allen says:


  10. Towkeeyoh says:

    And…… all actual money is going into stadiums. Priorities America, ya need some priorities.

  11. Liked for the Lethal Weapon 4 clip alone.

  12. Evil Gary says:

    Fuck it, I'm moving to Canada.

  13. Okay, I had to stop this video and go research the judge threatening to beat the public defender and I am VERY pleased to see that FORMER judge John C Murphy was removed from the bench by the Florida Supreme Court December, 2015. That should not happen than a man can utter threats and physically assault someone and because he's a judge face no penalties. I'm satisfied that he so dishonored the judiciary that he was fired, but I would have been more satisfied if he had faced the same consequences the people he used to judge would have gotten for that same behaviour. Justice isn't just if there are two outcomes for the powerful and the powerless

  14. lowiigibros says:

    But Finch wasn't a racist…

  15. I signed a plea deal for something I didn't do. 1.5 years or take to trial and if I lose face 7-10. My public defender said take deal cause most people who show up for jury duty are older white people who like to punish minorities for crime in general. So I know all too well.

  16. How do we change this? How can I help this?

  17. I'm studying law and THANK GOD I don't live in america, the public defence seems shit^^
    YOu're poor? = go to prison 'cause I have another 15 cases to prapare today and you seem desperate^^

  18. It's learning information like this that makes me want to punch something.

  19. There is a reason those who are ran through the system call public defenders, "Public Pretenders."

  20. John Oliver always adds the perfect amount of humor to these mind-numbing reports. As soon as I start seeing red, he'll drop something and then I'll start cooling down again.

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