Men in Black – THE SHOCKING REAL TRUTH UFO Alien Documentary


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  1. I don't care if aliens walk among us as long as they don't hurt us

  2. not such a secret group if everyone knows about it.??

  3. Chrome Dude says:

    I wonder if aliens were the ones that introduced dank memes to us

  4. HellCat says:

    I got a add about aliens ??

  5. TripPlayz HD says:

    With the amount of diffrent people in the world. And so many people
    Making shit up. I rarely believe any of this. I would believe the porno shit that says that woman near me wanne fuck sooner then this

  6. rhys1265 says:

    When they're talking about the similarities between the sketches of the 'men in black' how stupid can you be! Clearly they they have similarities because the same artists is drawing them, if you wanted to actually prove and convince such people would of been a smart idea to use different sketch artists independently.

  7. Frank E says:


    incircle the planet in a electromagnetic field prevent illegal aliens.

  8. Max Ferguson says:

    If this was real it wold be removed

  9. lee stevens says:

    There are other planets some similar to earth… Now imagine evolution happened differently, and instead of humans evolving the way we did, other creatures did. Like imagine insects or animals evolved like we did, or they evolved in similar ways. I mean think how big space is and how many planets there are. There's got to be other life.

    Plus think about technology. We can see across the world and through walls… How can we do that? I don't believe humans are intelligent enough to figure out how to do that.

  10. Eris Cenolli says:

    I say we build a HUGE wall so we can prevent these aliens and/or extraterrestrials from entering the United States.

  11. David Thor says:

    You can have your Gluten and GMO infested pizza with your chum Bill Gates

  12. 13.54 thats tyrone

  13. D D says:

    Fuck that guy with his radio show. He shot a UFO right when he seen it is he retarded?

  14. ERJON RONI says:

    Am in the smells bad,is this alien shit?????

  15. So the fact that MIB movies were released and allowed to be released doesn't seem strange to you? And why would they dress up as men in black if they wanted to prevent these theories and so on?

  16. Dylan Benoit says:

    have you ever heard of the Italian mafia?

  17. 9th of Novemeber 2023 will reveal all. You'll know.

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