Nikola Tesla: Man Out Of Time


[Nikola Tesla was born 156 years ago today. To mark the occasion, we’re republishing a disinformation original essay by Katy Schiel, originally posted on July 1, 2002.]

Revered as a genius by contemporary press and public, but largely forgotten at the beginning of the Twenty-first century, Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla today demands recognition as one of the greatest masterminds of the technological century.

Born during a particularly violent electrical storm in 1856, Tesla became a fierce genius touched by a deeply poetic sensibility. At his zenith, he counted among his many friends and supporters Mark Twain, John Jacob Astor, JP Morgan, and George Westinghouse. Yet when he died in 1943, he was destitute and in the company of only his pet pigeons.

Tesla foresaw the power of the new electric medium in the coming century better than anyone of his era. By the early 1900s, Tesla had received patents on over one hundred of his inventions and developed countless more after it became financially impossible for him to continue the patenting process. His inventions include the induction motor, AC power, vacuum tubes, radar, Tesla Coil, the loudspeaker, x-rays, radio (swiped by Marconi after Tesla publicly demonstrated his new invention), the rotary engine, radio wave propagation, wireless communication, remote control, and robotics. In short, Tesla invented the technological backbone of the Twentieth century.

Being a megalomaniac and a lousy businessman did little to endear Tesla to his benefactors, and some of his grandest plans went unrealized when financing was withdrawn. Unfortunately for the world, this would be the case through much of his later career – exceptional innovation denied due to corporate interests.

In 1900, Tesla discovered a method of harnessing energy from anywhere on the planet using Earth’s natural electromagnetic waves – a breakthrough that went unexploited when financier JP Morgan realized there was no profit to be made from unlimited free energy.
Despite his enormous contribution to our civilization, Tesla remains a virtual non-person in corporate and academic America-having been passed over historically in favor of his rivals Edison and Marconi. How did this happen?

It is well documented that after his death in 1943, the FBI was actively involved in suppressing many of Tesla’s documents, including plans for a ‘death-ray’ weapon capable of destroying aircraft, and electromagnetic earthquake-inducing machine. The latter machine had proved so powerful, that during its testing phase Tesla destroyed it with a sledgehammer to keep it’s vibrations from destroying his entire neighborhood.

Besides the US government, Tesla’s weapons research has attracted the attention of numerous other governments, new-age groups, and, a bit more ominously, cult groups such as Aum Shinrikyo (Aum Supreme Truth; now known simply as Aleph) – whose high-ranking members traveled to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade in 1992 to conduct research on his weapons experiments, including the electromagnetic oscillator.

There have been subsequent allegations by conspiriologists that Aum tested this potential future weapon in the Australian outback. Tesla’s legacy may be a dark one indeed.


Short Tesla Biography
Kate: This is a short Tesla bio from ‘Britannica Online’ via electrical Engineer Bogdan Kosanovic’s Tesla site.

Nexus Magazine: Bright Skies Part 5
Kate: Were Tesla-style weapons behind the 1995 Kobe, Japan earthquake, Oklahoma City bombing, and the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800? Australian scientist Harry Mason makes some frightening discoveries about Tesla-style EM weaponry. A must-read site!

Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils
Kate: Excellent links page, with tons of links to Tesla Coil pages.

Tesla Wardenclyffe Project
Kate: History and information about Tesla’s ‘Wardenclyffe Project’ – an ill fated wireless experiment on Long Island. Also provides excellent biographical information and descriptions of his inventions.

Tesla Engine Builders Association
Kate: This site states it is for “A Non-Profit Membership Organization Dedicated To Nikola Tesla and His Prime Movers.” This site contains membership information to TEBA, book ordering info, and selected Tesla writings.

EE Times Online
Kate: This site features an ‘EE Times’ article on Tesla.

Muzej Nikole Tesle/Nikola Tesla Museum
Kate: This site includes room-to-room tour of Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. View the inventor’s inventions, personal belongings, and papers.

Nikola Tesla: Erased At The Smithsonian
Kate: Third-grade teacher John Wagner is leading a crusade to correct history and have Tesla honored by the ‘Smithsonian Institution’.

Prodigal Genius
Kate: Read the ENTIRE text of John J. O’Neill’s Tesla biography, ‘Prodigal Genius’ here!

Tesla: The Electric Magician
Kate: In this epic-length series, ParaScope takes a look at the early life and bizarre eccentricities of the great inventor, and his hard-fought first victory with the alternating current engine.

ALT.ENERGY.HIGH-VOLTAGE Newsgroup Via Dejanews
Kate: Follow web discussions on Tesla, free energy, and high-voltage.

FBI Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room
Kate: Here are the complete FBI Tesla papers. Requires free Adobe Acrobat reader to view.

Free Energy Receiver From Public Netspace
Kate: This site contains plans for Tesla’s ‘Free Energy’ receiver. Build your own!

Radiant Energy: Unraveling Teslas Greatest Secret Part 1
This Educate Yourself transcript (June 1, 2001) reprints a private speech by Dr. Peter Lindemann on Tesla’s elusive Radiant Energy.

Tesla had perhaps thousands of other ideas and inventions that remain unreleased.  A look at his hundreds of patents shows a glimpse of the scope he intended to offer.  If you feel that the additional technical and scientific research of Nikola Tesla should be revealed for public scrutiny and discussion, instead of suppressed by big industry and even our supposed institutions of higher education, join the world’s call to tell power brokers everywhere that we are ready to Occupy Energy and learn about what our universe really has to offer.

The release of Nikola Tesla’s technical and scientific research — specifically his research into harnessing electricity from the ionosphere at a facility called Wardenclyffe — is a necessary step toward true freedom of information.  Please add your voice by sharing this information with as many people as possible.

For additional information about the demand for release, or to use as a template to form your own demand, please visit:

As they state:

Tell your friends, bring it up and discuss it at your next general assembly, do whatever you can to get the word out, organize locally to make a stand for the release of Nikola Tesla’s research…. America is tired of corrupt corporate greed, supported by The American government, holding us back in a stagnant society in the name of profit . . . The Energy Crisis is a lie.

As an aside: there are some who have pointed out that Tesla’s experimentation with the ionosphere very well could have caused the massive explosion over Tunguska, Siberia in 1908, which leveled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers, and may even have led to the much maligned HAARP technology.  I submit that we would do well to remember that technology is never the true enemy; it is the misuse of technology that can enslave rather than free mankind from its animal-level survivalism.

Please view the video below, which does an excellent job at personalizing this largely forgotten human being, as well as show the reasons why to this day he is not a household name.


And here is a video that offers an essential alternative view of ancient Egypt and other cultures that employed pyramidal structures, which suggests the staggering outer limits of what Tesla was attempting to harness and offer to humanity



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