Nuclear Nightmares S3 E1 “World War Three” (1998)


a shockingly awful review of a counter-factual history docudrama from German television. it’s good to be back… What do you mean, “no”?


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  1. M NG says:

    Good to see you back. Another triumph!

  2. Clay West says:

    I remember seeing this on Youtube. From the standpoint of the way the coup (in the film, not in real life) unfolded in the Soviet Union, and the, fortunately, fictional Gen. Shoskin, I was reminded of the plot of the novel "Russian Spring" written in 1986 by Dennis Jones.  No nuclear holocaust in the book, but lets just say the resulting coup and hardliner response to unrest in Mr. Jones novel were not pleasant, and came very close to being played out in real life five years later.

  3. WryAlways says:

    Good to have you back, sir! And wasn't there an attempted coup in 1993 that Yeltsin helped take down? And you brought back Dan Dan-de-Dan!! Fantastic!

  4. lol you make the road to hell such fun, big fan keep the videos coming x

  5. majinkaise says:

    My personal favorite bit was Soshkin's unhinged interview on German television. The scenery chewing on display was truly something to behold. I do wish you'd been able to show more of him, the actor playing him looked like he was having the time of his life.

  6. Simon Birch says:

    Thanks again David for another sterling effort! Any chance that you will review 'On the Beach' – the original and the remake?

  7. Keep em' coming. I love my nuclear holocaust with a tinge of wit on the side. I recently saw WWIII on YouTube & you give it its proper due. I think it's one of the better nuke movies out there. How about WWIII w/Rock Hudson? I know you will give it a proper homage.

  8. Jannakar says:

    Excellent video! But when are you going to do That Other One? The Big One? I don't believe that you have nothing interesting to say about it.

  9. Please do the First Strike documentary

  10. BabyKitty000 says:

    David, can you do a commentary on One Night Stand a 1984 Australian movie about four young people trapped in the Sydney Opera House when WW3 breaks out on New Years Eve?

  11. Ken N says:

    you should open this with Christmas at Ground Zero by weird Al. Love your work. Keep it up.

  12. Mr. Hunt, I must request a new video. I am sick of the asshats running for President on this side of the pond. Help!

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