Oscar’s DACA Story


I shared Oscar Cornejo, Jr.’s DACA story on the floor of the United States Senate. For more information on DACA, the DREAM Act, and other issues that I’m …


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  1. Thank you soo much Sir for giving us a voice God bless you.

  2. God bless you Durbin. You are our voice. I came here at the age of 1. I love this Country. I know the language, the history, and the lifestyle of being an American.

  3. Deep Verma says:

    I'm glad President Trump will reverse all Obamas executive orders. Starting with the Dream Act. The Dream Act shifts all federal programs to Hispanics and legalizes millions of undocumented illegal aliens.

  4. Alex Zamora says:

    wtf what planet is this. I want a better life to and I dont want to wait should I just Rob a bank. it's looks like now a days all you need is a sob story and I'm off the hook

  5. Alex Zamora says:

    I'm talking about illegal immigration. they say that they come here for a better life.if they want to live in a lawless country why don't they stay in there country. I have been to tj they don't even stop at stop signs

  6. Alex Zamora says:

    if u go to latino community it look just like tj, I see illegal selling corn on a stick, bootlegs dvd, I have seen little old ladies selling drugs on the street corner. wtf is going on here. I say ship all the illegal back show them no mercy. USA USA USA USA

  7. Jeff Roche says:

    Dick, You are wrong! DACA IS OVER! The Citizens of this Country spoke November 8th. Deport Oscar with the rest of them. It's not up to us the People of the USA to take care of Illegal Aliens. Oscar never.should have got a free Education either. We paid for that too! Jobs in the USA are.for American Citizens, same with the seat Oscar sits in at Dartmouth. These Illegal Aliens will go on certain they can't find Jobs anymore. Your Wrong Dickie!

  8. Thanks you sir for giving us a voice. May God bless you #dacaheretostay

  9. ????????????????????????????????

  10. chingonsh says:

    As a current recipient I can say fuck all of you that want us gone. Im not going to beg anyone here or try to persuade anyone to change their mindset in regards towards us dreamers. At this point I just want something fuckin done. I want to either be fucking deported once in for all or A PERMANENT legat status. So I can fucking move on with my life for good or worst.

  11. Yavan Baza says:

    Thank you. We're all human beings. Created equal in our own distinct ways.

  12. Beautiful and heart warming speech. Thank you for being my voice!

  13. Thank you for everything that you have done. Unfortunately, I've been arrested. Not convicted but unfortunately it seems like the end to me and what I stand for. I don't know if I'll receive DACA anymore. But I pray other dreamers can succeed. I tasted what freedom and America was like, if I'm to be deported so be it. But thank you for what you did for me the last 4 years.

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