Pedophiles in Hollywood Conspiracy + Charlie Sheen + UK Stars + MUCH MORE


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  1. cris sanchez says:

    illuminati you just won a suit in hell with your loser baphoshit or lusifer shit leader

  2. A pedifiler once said just like straight women like men straight men like women that's the way their brain is geared .My brain is geared to like children.And just like you don't have a desire to have sex with a child, I don't have a desire, even though I am a adult to have sex with another adult ,I like children.So these Predators can't be helped.And you never know who is one.So I never let my children stay over people house,because they can be your friend or family member, but you don't know who might come over their house.People sometimes think it's only men ,but some women prey too.I read a story, a man lost his wife so he dated a lady who didn't have any children and she seemed like she loved his kids and he loved her and he needed help raising his kids, to make a long story short he came home from work one day early and she was having oral sex with his 6 year old.Evil is every where.Keep your eyes and ears open,our children only have us to protect them ,and if you are a parent and you are sexually abusing your child or your husband or wife's child get out that situation leave and then go get help ,but you don't think you are doing wrong,so to me you have two choices, asked to be locked up for the rest of your life because you may harm a child or kill yourself, because you are mentally killing that child that you are sexually abusing for the rest of their life, seriously a child can't make a Grown person's decision about their body.

  3. Feldman spoke of an adult male abusing his child friend in the Lucas set and of a mogul that had raped and abused his friend repeatedly also and of the pedophilia ring around them and other children. Maybe the first one is Charlie Sheen and/or a producer and/or director of that movie. If Sheen has abused other children, someone will speak. The other actor abused as a child by the Xman director in the end retracted from his accusation, who knows what was going to happened to him or his family or did happened? His facts are so true that one of the men he mentions of which he was very scared of was convicted for child trafficking in another case, hope other speak or is leaked anonomously.

  4. James Nuxoll says:

    the orphanage amerikkkan system is full of homosexual rapist too amerikkkan government allows it too

  5. Stormy Front says:

    This is fucking revolting. If you are rich and powerful you can get away with anything it looks like. I have to say though the parents are to blame as well. They see their children as cash cows and get them involved in the industry knowing fully well what goes on. Well at least some of them must do. I would never ever do that to my child. No amount of money can make me do it.

  6. will27ns says:

    0:12 — talk about a pedophile

  7. Richard grantier. Jackson mississippi

  8. tthis the jews for you

  9. KarlLueger3 says:

    Shut it up goyim.
    Showbiz is a jew owned and jew controlled business and jews are flawless prefect creatures in yhwh image.

  10. jimmielee says:

    What sucks is these people rarely get arrested. Disgusting nasty people.

  11. If he named them they'd kill him.

  12. I'm happy he talked about it because we act like it don't exist.

  13. I have contact with Feldman and have been slowly putting evidence together. Having said that, the people talking about castrating and executing pedophiles, go fuck yourself. If you get a thrill from people being tortured and killed while you act all high and mighty, you're even worse. Don't get me wrong, we shouldn't allow pedophilia to happen. It's just we can't control our sexual preferences. We're either born with it or learn it from an early age. All a pedophile does is selfishly give into their desires. If adult women were taboo, I'd still fuck them. I have sympathy on both sides. We just need to get this very famous person away from children.

  14. No Yes says:

    does it smell like poop when little boys get molested

  15. should have stayed in high school now their asses is broke

  16. farmerne says:

    Hollywood runs on a mixture of money, power, and a liberal-leftist mindset. A pedophile's paradise.

  17. and this pedos are jews?

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