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  1. Najka ruha says:

    stupid woman go to the hell

  2. Bemmmi Boy says:

    shit illuminati

  3. Apparently being in a triangle makes you the illuminati?

  4. "y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess?" -cit. Beyoncé. please stop saying shit about illuminati:)

  5. Karen Thomas says:

    She is DEAD&CLONED it is right in peoples face. she is NOT the same person anymore. nobody is hatin cause the entertainment industry is WICKED. you can't wake up everyone cause people want to stay sleep and worship these demon infested FALSE IDOLS.

  6. this is all so true. the devils work is brainwashing millions of people like its normal. if u dont agree to this you too r brainwashed

  7. she are stupid fool without brain !

  8. Dear lord Jesus, I praise U and thank U for showing me this, U said open your eyes so U may see and open your ears that U may hear what's going on in this world we live in. sin is real and it is ugly!!!! Rihanna came to America as a beautiful innocent girl but she was transformed into the ugliest thing ever. when U in sin U can't see what's right in front of you but once U pray for guidance, wisdom and knowledge. Jesus Christ will OPEN your eyes

  9. Is this a joke?

  10. animal lover says:

    guys we have to stop loving jay z he makes the people to do the illuminati thing like wtf

  11. animal lover says:

    and I hate the new rihanna shes a bad bitch

  12. Did you made sex with satan, for money idiot…

  13. Rahul Nikki says:

    Im a good boy turned to a bad boy

  14. Rahul Nikki says:

    so should I sell my soul to satan

  15. Vee Vee says:

    Attn illuminati monkey brains, RIRI IS NOT ILLUMINATTI MEMBER DUMB ASSES… She is dumb, uneducated, uninterested in politics and the biggest give away is her down syndrome level grammer ( not knocking Down syndrome guys/girls just describing something accurately) .. IF ILLUMINATTI was real IT WOULD HAVE HIGHLY ELITE WELL READ , well informed , people of passion and goals , other than singing and making money and having sex RIRI LIKES SMOKING POT AND INSTAGRAM TWITTER POSTINGS …. BOOM , now you feel dumb poster you crystal meth tweeker starved for attn bitch

  16. Vee Vee says:

    One day when all of you ILLUMINATTI and General conspiracy believers are old, maybe even death bed old… You will realize you fucked up buying into all the BS….you wasted most of your life's , THIS EPIPHANY WILL HAPPEN TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU CONSPIRACY NUTS AT SOME TIME, just pray sooner than later … PONDER THIS, conspiracy requires a smart loyal (to cause to death) disciplined group for all their lives… Nobody in this world can be good at all 3 (smart ,loyal , disciplined) for a lifetime,..,, it's fact less than 1% is highly intelligent , which is req. of someone in a conspiracy for. Others followers to have confidence in trouble free conspiracy transition, sadly the world is mostly dumb shits , 'and following minded sheep ( disqualified immediatley .,So sorry if you wasted life already and dedicated too many yrs to imagined fear

  17. jasmine dina says:

    it is the Zionists behind the illuminatis

  18. Russel Rasay says:

    captain america at 1:27 lol

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