Rolls-Royce Vision World Premiere Review Rolls Royce Vision Self Driving Car CARJAM TV HD 2016


Watch New Rolls-Royce Vision Self Driving Car World Premiere Review Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CARJAMTV CARJAM …


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  1. SUPER GOAT says:

    that is one UGLY MOTHERFUCKER.

  2. Henry Lima says:

    how can this thing go thru pot holes? this is ridiculous.

  3. b zee says:

    there's nothing cool about the model

  4. Mob Killer says:

    this looks like straight out of fallout

  5. lol its like Homer's car design.

  6. hideous is an understatement.. wow

  7. ai van says:

    that's a bad ass looking car, looks like something from ghost in the shell

  8. extend before little better civilian.

  9. MrKakso 91 says:

    Dracula is taking over Rolls Royce cleary he cant drive and dont have driving liction because he forget the steering wheel ! OPS…

  10. Dee says:

    I think the rolls Royce "apparition" concept looks much better

  11. mikyruna says:


  12. This is not what this company is about, disappointed

  13. Jordan Hyde says:

    These vision cars are a joke, ugly and useless. I dont need a home theatre on wheels

  14. Potato says:

    why should i be interested exactly?

  15. And the award for the ugliest car in the history goes to Rolls-Royce Vision. clap clap clap

  16. Playluxe says:

    It looks like a giant toilet designed for royals.

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