Russia: SS Chief, Heinrich Himmler’s diary put on display in Moscow


The diary of Nazi German leader Heinrich Himmler’s was put on public at the Russian Defence Ministry archive in Moscow on Wednesday. The pages detail the …


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  1. David Clark says:

    RT viewers love Himmler and his people. He is a hero for these trash-people.

  2. Diary is the wrong word. This is his day planner written by his staff. Everyday activity is written there, where he was and what he did.

  3. Thanks god, he is dead!! Rest in Hell!

  4. Snappolphus says:

    ''Suddenly'' found in Russia'' Well that is not suspicious at all, russians working with EU bolsheviks to shame the population so we will take endless racially foreigners in our nations?

  5. Naval Vanal says:

    Himmler or muslims? of course Himmler!

  6. 1:28 scanner in the background? scans pretty fast!

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