URGENT MESSAGE , PLEASE SHARE Temple of baal to be opening in Times square New York and London on April 19th … this must be stopped. JOIN NWO …


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  1. philos4r says:

    Baphomet is not satanic

  2. Great video Linol!!! I want to stop the Satanic scum

  3. Lionel i don't want to freak you out……but WTF was that behind you, looks like some kind of shape shifting wench trying to blend into the wall….. Watch your back dude…. they creep up from behind and before you know it………. Booooom the end. peace✌

  4. Kimmy says:

    I will spread this information which I believe is the TRUTH – but please tell me wtf is that on the background? :/

  5. Frank Sam says:

    Philos4r, you're ether a shill, or just don't get it.

  6. nickcb13b says:

    I'm guessing that you live with your grandmother or something.

  7. If you are interested in empirical evidence exposing the global child sacrifice network, please view the panel and transcripts below. Thank you.

  8. 5325bunny says:

    I sat here with tears running down my face from watching and listening to you. You speak the truth my friend. And your passion is admirable to say the least. you stir my heart Linol. I know you arnt "Christian" as you say, but you are correct about the evil in this world and of these temples they are building. We need to UNITE as a country and as a world to STOP this evil. It makes me literally SICK TO MY STOMACH that such a perverse, evil, and disgusting thing can even happen! And in United States of America no less! This world is going to Hell faster and faster and we need to stand up for what is right, what is holy, what is pure…..and stopping these Satanist to do these things is a good start. I know you don't believe in Christianity, I do, and everyone that believes or even if you don't, we all need to PRAY! Pray for this world. Pray that people will wake up and see the evilness that is around us. Love one another and support each other. We don't have to agree with everyone and their believes, but how on Earth can anyone with a brain in their head think this is good?!?!?! Like you said this Baal is known for having children sacrificed!  Even an Athiest will tell you that is sick and WRONG!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! We need to take a stand! I'm going to try to pray more for my country and for the rest of the world. And like you said, we need to get a bunch of people together like 10's of thousands to go and smash and demolish these temples. I don't live anywhere near New York or London, but if I was close, I would love to protest at least! I actually give a crap about this world and the people in it. I love you Linol, thank you for what you do and just know you are appreciated!! Much love to you!

  9. Thank you for this, the news are talking about stupid shit that doesn't even matter like it's important, I'm surprised they didn't talk about this smh

  10. debn1954 says:

    We can unite in prayer.. focused intention. of love to counter act this opening of baal.. the gates of hell.. humans are powerful. We don't have to smash down the structure we can take away their powers through our united focused intention. organize people to come together in prayer at the opening.. not prayer to their god.. but the the universal God of love

  11. Ray Trusty says:

    Its obvious that you do not know, its ok to be in this world, but not be of it….

  12. Spiny Norman says:



  14. NWA362 says:

    let's see what these fucking trolls and atheists think about that now!! its too late for them

  15. omg… you've just blown me out of the water. I was blogging on Alisa and Gabriel's testimony all through 2015 – the Satanic child sexual abuse and baby sacrifice cult operating in Hampstead, London UK. And this week, i've been picking up on the Baal Temples videos. But even though i've got this background, your impassioned video still hit me right in the chest. Well done. There is nothing as powerful as authentic emotion. THANK YOU! Here's a couple of my blogs fyi… We are on the same page +TheAlienContactee I'd love to Skype with you some time <3

  16. saima farhan says:

    Omg the 10.000 kids that have gone missing from the Syrian refugee camps in Europe, it all makes sense now why there is no news about these missing kids, people are so preoccupied with false flags that are and have been going on recently 

  17. You have more sensitivity and force with you than many sitting in the pews. I am proud of you and I am doing my part. Bring the Tower Down!

  18. Dadee3 says:

    PREACH, WIGGA!!!!!!!!!

  19. Farhad Kamal says:

    What the hell is behind you?!

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