Ten Countries With The Largest Oil Reserves


There are over 200 sovereign states in the world today, so why does a special circle of ten or fifteen countries repeatedly come up in the U.S. corporate, political, and military establishments definition of their overseas “interests”? It largely all boils down to one word, OIL.

Ten Countries With The Largest Oil Reserves


With the sole exception of Canada, all of the top ten countries with the largest oil reserves differ vastly from the United States in terms of culture, leadership, and ideology. These are differences which the United States government, for the most part, does not appreciate in the slightest, and are constantly scheming for new ways to install or maintain Pro-U.S. puppet governments in the corresponding countries.

One comment on Youtube suggested that a more fitting title would be “Top 10 Countries for USA to invade” which in many ways is hardly a wild suggestion. Some of the countries such as Libya, Kuwait, and Iraq have already been centerpieces of U.S. military adventurism within the past generation. Others such as Venezuela and Iran have been focal points of obsession within the U.S. political establishment for something called “Regime Change” for many years.

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  1. gary says:

    This won’t be any surprise after you read the book, “The Prize”

    The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power

    by Daniel Yergin


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