The Arrivals – Part 32 (The Most Valuable Truth)


The Arrivals – Part 32 (The Most Valuable Truth)


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  1. @ServantOfAllah0264 It's not about what you feel is right. It's about what is true and reliable. If you live by feelings, it's as playing cups and balls you'll never guess right. You must seek the truth, because only one is right and the rest are full of deceit. As you understand the truth and love of God then you'll be fulfilled. Christ prophesied that it would be as the day's of Noah. Therefore, don't look at people for guidance, we are all sinners, seek the all loving God for guidance.

  2. ASUSM2VMXSE says:

    @deftonesfanatf Is this a theory or from BIBLE? or Qur'an? my friend, im sorry for asking you! FROM WHERE DID YOU GET THESE IDEAS?

  3. ASUSM2VMXSE says:


    my brother shia, is it true that the sunni (followers of muhammad's sayings) do hate muhammad's companions and relatives like ALI radiallahuanu?

  4. ASUSM2VMXSE says:

    @ServantOfAllah0264 or i'm just mistaken?

  5. Siso Soso says:

    I am ready to die for the right … Islam

  6. What is the name of the song? 1:20

  7. @Serbiandevil so u would prefer 2 believe dat we r hideous apes rather than we are the servants of god? there is no proof of the theory of evolution, its just a crazy man which jus came out of nowhere

  8. firdaus125 says:

    @NataliofArabia coldplay – don't panic

  9. FMafia206 says:

    @ServantOfAllah0264 I've been a Muslim my whole life. Believe me when I say that although this series does have a lot of interesting facts behind it and gives you something to think about it is still filled with the same propaganda that it's trying to get teach you to get away from. Your conversion to Islam should be one from sincerely believing in Allah. I say this because what this doc does it it scared a lot of people into starting to worship God again for their own safety.

  10. FMafia206 says:

    I'm a Muslim, and most of this doc is filled with the same propaganda the creators of it are trying to get you away from. It has a lot of interesting facts behind it though and gives you something to think about, but your a fool if you believe that with all of the creepy music in the back ground and catchy images that isn't trying to scare you.

  11. FMafia206 says:

    Although to be fair this episode doesn't have too much of that. Still though the creators if this doc commit a lot of blatant hypocrisy.

  12. usama wasim says:

    SUBHAN ALLAH great work guyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. J.B. Seb says:

    Look man…Just take a look at our nicknames…mine and yours……when is your birthday ?

  14. This is a moving video. We should all put faith in the beauty of nature and its special design. These are observable concepts and physical matter we can see day to day. Trust what you know, and can touch and feel. Not what others say or believe. Anchor your faith in those things we know, feel and experience and in matters proven to our souls.

  15. Alhamdulillah, i love it when i hear that someone has converted to Islam, particurlarly shia islam, always brings a smile to my face 🙂
    Labbayk Ya Hussain

  16. Saed Muzikk says:

    tears of truth <<3 thank u

  17. Corvo Attano says:

    Not to be offensive… I'm a sinna muslim and I love shia. I dont find difference, and dont want an explanation how we are different. I love all my christan/muslim/jew brothers and sisters. lets not differentiate between both.

  18. heemi Kofdai says:

    please, have some respect.

  19. Ayla Gough says:

    Thank you so much for everything guys!!!! I discovered your videos about 4 years ago through who is now my husband. I recently have felt like I really needed to rewatch them all, for I need to refresh my mind. Please keep spreading the truth, we will reach people! Many just refute the truth but it's important to keep trying!!! Best of luck to you!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! 

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