The Arrivals Part 45 (Ka’bah dan Upacara 9/11) – Malay Subs


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. moon060781 says:

    malayan language translation

  2. Hamba Allah says:

    terima kasih pada yg buat terjemahan ini…

  3. arzermey says:

    this is the great,,=)

  4. zem azizan says:

    weyh ??..menara berkembar petronas???.

  5. @TheZeem9 yep.. tu pn x trkcuali dri konspirasi2 jhat dnia

  6. Nurul Idayu says:

    hahaha….mamat ni blom sampai malaysia lg kot…dia x jumpa lg menara petronas dgn sunway piramid…..

  7. noel17ist says:

    kenapa part 46-nya tak ada?
    apa yang mereka coba tutupi?

  8. @WJY6416 ada lh,,, kt episode mne eak,, dy ad kuarkn picx mnre brkmbar,.,.

  9. oditheb says:

    no way….
    alaa bizikrillahi tatmainnu lqulub.
    agama lain tidak dapat mencapai ketenangan jiwa yang sebenar

  10. nicesatu says:

    @oditheb dont be ignorant, every religion is the same, teaches us to be good.. tapi agama mereka terpesong dari yg sebenar(Islam), but believing that god exists as one is just the same like we believe in Allah.. though our religion is not the same as the others but we're only humans, no one's perfect..

  11. makan kari says:

    @nicesatu astaghfirullahalazim. may Allah forgive you. I agree with oditheb by saying you can't achieve the ultimate state of spirituality through other religion. forgive me but i think you are the one who is being ignorant by saying that every religion is the same. this is absolute insult towards Islam. You should never bring Islam to the same level as the other religions which are ignorant towards Allah and his messenger Muhammad.

  12. Atas Menara Public Bank ada pyramid gak

    Lepas aku tengok part ni baru aku faham..semua ni ada kaitan denga upacara korban untuk buka stargate.

  13. @fmth1311 so u has saw this all video? my english is bad 😀

  14. Hafsa Kamran says:

    Wow how elegantly and deceptively you have incorporated pantheism in the documentary. Muslims donot circle Kaaba and get uplifted, the pagans of Arabia were doing it too while worshiping other dieties so were uplifted as well? Muslims are uplifted because yhey follow Quran and the woeds of Allahs messenger PBUH. Get it right.

  15. @umasadlaiba Salam brother. May i just point out that what you say there is not 100% true? For starters, you're misunderstanding the term uplifted here. Uplifted, if i understand it, raises a part of you (or your soul) into a higher state place. Following the Quran and the messenger will not get you uplifted, it will put you IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. You will not be misguided if you follow the Quran. That's the benefit of reading the Quran. Not get uplifted!…

  16. @umasadlaiba 2) …You fail to educate yourself with scientific facts regarding this matter. You fail to dig deeper into this subject and find out what's really the truth behind Ka'bah. You fail to know that there exists the strongest electromagnetic field in the world around Ka'bah. Ka'bah is proven by science to be the centre of the world according to the Golden Ratio theory. The electromagnetic field exists due to the direction of rotation of the Hajjs there…

  17. @umasadlaiba 3) …Now, the pagans of Arab were worshipping ANOTHER deity. They wouldn't have been uplifted because they were not worshipping Allah. And there's a reason why Allah orders us to rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE around it. Ever heard of the Right-Hand Rule in Physics, brother? Well if you haven't, it basically states that the direction of the current of an electromagnetic field can be determined by this rule…

  18. @umasadlaiba 4) …If the direction of the field is COUNTERCLOCKWISE in motion, the current will be in the UPWARDS direction. Go search it yourself if you still don't believe scientific fact. Now isn't that strange? So if we circle around the Ka'bah COUNTERCLOCKWISE, the current energy will go UPWARDS. Sound familiar to you? Well it should. So 'uplifted' doesn't seem so wrong of a word to use there for me. Why the hate?…

  19. @umasadlaiba 5) …And there are many other stuff regarding this matter. You should break down your ego and go educate yourself with some knowledge and facts before you comment blindly on matters like these. Google has it uses, brother. Use it to the best of your ability. And sorry for the long descriptions. I hope you read and understand it well. Until then, i wish you a very nice day brother. Peace and blessings upon you and your family. Assalamualaikum 🙂

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