The Arrivals Part 47 (Insan yang Bebas) – Malay Subs


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. I agree with this documentary. Man can go to space, and many more achievements. But then they 'still' can't find ways which is cheap and efficient to fully utilise the sunlight!? Or may be they have found it, but just keep it secret from us so that we will be their slave forever!

  2. Moyomoto says:

    @shamsulamri Solar power, but then you have to be in an area to fully reap the benefit of it, and also on top of that an average person is not going to be able to afford enuf panels to power a home as one is not sufficient enuf. Earth ships in Queensland though look like a very plausible and fairly cheap option

  3. Moyomoto says:

    @shamsulamri but then again if every1 did have solar panels i'm sure the elite would try to control the weather and mask the suns rays, and thats supposedly happening due to haarp and chem trails so……………

  4. Moyomoto says:

    Ooogle my boogle

  5. girocraz says:

    Pasanglah engkau puas-puas..aku tak tahu lak mana nak cari nih..

  6. radiantmedia says:

    the world spends one point five trillion a year on the war machine. What if we took ten percent of that money – one hundred and fifty billion a year – and hired ppl around the world to build windmills all over the place?
    In ten years there would be ALOT of windmills, and it promote much goodwill…

  7. cloudinas says:

    Filem ape yang last sekali tu ek? Filem yang die pakai cermin mata pastu nampak perktaan obey, consume…filem ape tu??

  8. DESMOND751 says:


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