The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 1 Part 6


The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 1.


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  1. Nathalie H says:

    Oh god Lauren…

  2. Jay Marie says:

    Ben is handsome but he's so awkward and has no charm. He's like a 12 year old that's never dated before

  3. I don't understand y people watch this it's just filled with desperate sluts and lossers who don't no how to treat a lady

  4. Man some of these girls just try way too hard

  5. Helen Walker says:

    when Amanda came out of the limo you can see how he looked at her

  6. Swans Hook says:

    Is Lauren R drunk?

  7. Liza David says:

    Omg! The chick who was speaking Russian. ? I lost it. Ben didn't understand at all. Poor Ben.

  8. myhopefaith says:

    Leah dat was bold

  9. so so many crazy psychos

  10. how you doin??! lol

  11. Ally Kat says:


  12. LemurX says:

    id be gay for his voice

  13. Lace is fucking stunning❤️❤️❤️

  14. Bzone96 says:

    how stupid! getting out of a limo and speaking a language unknown to the person you just met.not knowing if he speaks the dumb!

  15. Lol "what's your name???" For the 4th time???

  16. Sofia Luisa says:

    Yay! I'm so happy Lauren B won!!

  17. omg so lauren r(russell) is my math teacher and she just said that she had something reallyy clever planned. she like told us it and it was cute. she just said that she was breathless when she saw him and she got so nervous lol

  18. Mya Ali says:

    The nervous girly giggles/laughs are all the same…. ?

  19. M&A M&A says:

    Leah has me dead?

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