The Hidden Message Behind “The Arrival” Film


Watchman Alexander Lawrence decodes the esoteric meaning embedded in the 2016 film, “The Arrival,” based on a short story by Ted Chiang. Although the creators of the movie probably didn’t realize what they were doing, they may have unwittingly helped the Fallen Ones to continue setting the stage for the End of Days.

CORRECTION: About 2.5 minutes in, I say that the screenwriter of The Arrival wrote a book about Babel. In fact, the screenwriter adapated a story by Ted Chiang, who was the author of a book called “Tower of Babylon.” Sorry for the confusion.


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  1. Abdul Mumin says:

    As a Muslim I have to agree, you are spot on in your analysis of this strange movie. The whole movie was like a Huge Enigma roller coaster ride. couldn't make sense of it but your critical analysis put things into perspective. Your understanding of the messiah more or less matches with the Islamic perspective as well. All they (Devil Worshippers) are doing is Rolling down the Red carpet for the 'ARRIVAL' of the false Messiah!

  2. Gavin Ip says:

    Well done. Well said about inter dimensional rather than extraterrestrial . Thing I don't understand is why the aliens say the main character can see the future, what is the beginning and the end?

  3. Mike Borlace says:

    Hey dude, you should look at computer games. Check out Final fantasy 13, Warhammer 40k and Assassin's creed 1. More occult messaging than you can shake a stick at…. This generation is getting a heavier dose of super soldier training than previous ones….

  4. Ven Gencia says:

    Hello! I just found your art and added to my Pinterest. So talented! How 'bout, "Mommy and daddy talk to animals!?" Hmmm….Eve and Adam chattin' up the Serpent in the garden? Check out and his "born alive" infant ideas; my site is peace! keep up the great work you are doing! VenGeancia

  5. Great analysis on the movie. I just watched it tonight and had many of the same thoughts you came away with especially on the Tower of Babel.

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