The Illuminati : the history of the Knights Templar and Freemason Mystery


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  1. TheChief1916 says:

    ye were is the eagarly anticipated doc

  2. timeman786 says:

    i found you again 🙂

  3. timeman786 says:

    the doc is me my friend.i have ressurected 🙂

  4. Hi!
    It looks like a good work. Can I help?


  6. Age Westcott says:

    The Illuminati : Knights Templar history and Freemason mystery:

  7. Very well done video 

    more content please 

  8. hedeviltazz says:

    first of all to anyone who is that stupid to believe that illuminati are a order of the knights templar. stop drinking in this crap. because i am a templar and have been for 20 yrs there is NO such thing. 

  9. The story of the templars is wrong,and full of lies,they where a group of warrior monks send wjth the priests to jerusalem to protect the holy relics,after thime lassed and they siezed most of the country they started a banking sistem for the pilgrims that gone from europe to jerusalem,and they became really rich,and one day that tard king of france borrowed money from them and did not have enough to give back,and after a wile he spoke with the pope and conspired to confiscate the money and propierty and split it.This is the Truth….

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  11. Ed Russo says:

    This is so taken out of context. One what is said about the Knights Templar is bias. and Illuminati is a degree that is within Rosicrucian which has nothing to do with this crap mentioned. Within the Rosicrucian/Illuminati it is about achieving Illumination by realizing that we are not our experiences, we are not our images that we have become so attached to.

  12. Mathew Wall says:

    This is truly awful. I hope people don't take this seriously.

  13. Greg Ryan says:

    Nice Work!  Daren Wilson and the other police officers involved in this terrorist campaign to subvert our country and terrorize its citizens are and were at the time working with the unofficial terrorist organization referred to as the Illuminati aka (secretly) Knights Templar of Solomon, also known as the Christian Crusaders of Israel, currently serving campaigns in the Middle East and throughout the planet as a Global enslavement campaign against the People's and their states.  They are easily recognizable and use symbolism to communicate and engage with other members of their terrorist organization.  The often where Red like the photographers and white minions seen throughout this video to symbolize the Red cross on the Knights Templars logo, similar to the KKK and Nazi logos, being from the same unofficial international terrorist organization.  The often use words that start with the letter T to symbolize Templars, such as Terrorist, Them, They, Talk, which are often emphasized by them.  Once You Identify the Target, you can monitor them in public trying to subvert our country and terrorize the people through the subversion of mass media and members of our government.  It is important to understand that they are Terrorists, and will engage in such a manner, and have a plan.  Which is why we, people from all races being subverted, need to have a plan of defense, and a plan for the aftermath of successful prevention.  The Freemasons are highly active in this terrorist organization, and work similarly as and often with the Ayatolas of the Middle East, as they work with Chinese, African, and Japanese governments and terrorist-militias.  It is our duty as the people of the state to protect the people and the state, and remain loyal to your country and your people, unlike those who have decided to join the Illuminati aka Knights Templar Terrorist Organization.  The only reason why they are not public is because they would be openly classified as a Terrorist Organization, and responsible for more babies killed around the world then any terrorist organization, as well as the difference in organization and who is trying to subvert who.  The illuminati is very connected at higher levels, and the irony is that Youtube and Google are obviously engaged with their red logos, or flags for the Illuminat similar to what the Nazi's flew, but at the lower mininion or volunteer level you will often engage with, are very unorganized and velnerable.  Now that you are enlightened about the Illuminati and what they are, you are required by your country and people to remain vigilante, and monitor the subverters engaging with the Illuminati, and prevent them from subverting your country and your people.  RIP FREDDIE, Michael, Eric, and the victims of the Illuminati Knights Templars TERRORISM AN SUBVERSION.  Learn more about the Knights Templars and Freemasons to understand this terrorist order.

  14. this is the real story!

  15. Lost Zoo says:


  16. actualy the knights templar were british

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