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Do you fellas think Trump is a member of the Illuminati? Enable me know under 🙂
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  1. Candyce Bush says:

    Seriously Linda, I'm not familiar with the illuminati, but I mentioned this same thing to my hubby about his hand gestures, because in college studying other cultures and countries I learned that this ok hand gesture was deemed to be offensive in one particular country. The world is starting to be a scary place for me and even scarier when I have to try to raise children in it. ?

  2. Gosh I hope he is not. I wish he never was part of the illuminati

  3. Stocktown says:

    Oh oh, now they know that you know ;)

  4. They don't want Trump. We don't want Trump. He's horrible. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.

  5. SAVAGE WOLF says:

    I believe no body should fuck with the Illuminati. actually do believe they around for real. Trump would never take control of me straight up. I think he is messing with the Russian Mob that's what was told to me don't know if it true or not

  6. Whenever I first heard about the new world order it was never ever mentioned and you hear it all over the actual news now it's scary as fuck to me and you're so right it's a very scary world we live in and I'm honestly worried for my future. I think he will be assassinated like jfk or something very odd. I love Ralph! I want one!

  7. I hope not! Lol my siblings and I claim the illuminati just in case the world goes down. He can't be a member with me! Lol and shoutout to Ralph for the protection Linda lol I love it!

  8. I feel the same way I can't wait to watch this video!

  9. actingmylife says:

    I adore this theory. I prefer Obama too, so your not the only one, Linda. Great video. ? ✨ ?

  10. great job, this theory is very interesting! keep it up xx

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