The Medici – Secrets of the most Powerful Family in the World (Full Documentary)


The Medici – Secrets of the most Powerful Family in the World (Full Documentary) Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune: The Medici were among the most …


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  1. ArmaDitto says:

    thanks Kanye West -Sway

  2. Raynes79 says:

    Would have been great if you hadn't spoken to the audience like they were a bunch of moronic fucking 5 year olds…

  3. H 7assan says:

    26:32 anyone know what is this music?

  4. Tijo Jose says:

    The original Iron Bank of Braavos.

  5. Eleanor was probably rapped or forced into having another child

  6. TriceyDiva? says:

    I think Rihanna did a photo shoot here at the last Medici tomb

  7. Prince Lorenzo De Medici

  8. You know in 200 years from now, if an archaeologist wans to study me, go for it!!! To further science, please exhume me, im all for it! Just continue to respect the dead like you do!!!

  9. They are still going strong !
    The Elite move folks and breed like rabbits.

  10. Qubit Smith says:

    Stop right there partner and lets re-evaluate.

  11. Io direi…andate a vedere la serie italo-americana sulla famiglia De Medici!! XD

  12. FUCKING FAMILY DE MEDICI…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..DEATH FAMILY DE MEDICI…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lucy Wang says:

    hate this background music, otherwise good

  14. Dennie H says:

    the crappy background music is way too loud. Ugh!

  15. Tz Eva says:

    why those Englent people always acting like they are teaching everyone else! Italian are not idiots, just let them do what they want! stop disturbing other cultures!

  16. Nick says:

    oh great, another retarded history documentary where we get to play archeologist and "discover"

  17. That was interesting.

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