The U.S. War Script


This is exactly how the U.S. executes a preemptive war.



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  1. mReddy says:

    Sounds simple,But it is true..they have done it before and they are doing it now.same story different country.

  2. carl says:

    If what you say is true and it may be or not.The people are not going to do a dam thing till it happens to them.Like 9 11 brought toghter many people a disaster will bring us toghter.With all their planning the rulers [ public servants] will miss something and it can come back and bite them.Russia came out of the second world war stronger than the three strongest countries in Eroupe.was that planned also,I don’t think England was to happy about that.If they plan on killing off two thirds of the people of the world as some blogs have claimed and some idiots like TedTurner say we should that can backfire on them ,mabey it would just be acceptable losses.I don’t belive anything is ruled out their have been many mad men and their armies thruout history,I can only hope cooler heads prevail and wiser as well.Thanks Carl.

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