Tom Lehrer – So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)

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  1. Corpsman1775 says:

    i heard this sing on the radio today. no kiding

  2. Corpsman1775 says:

    hay bro whats the name of the quest?

  3. We will all go together when we go. It's an NCR quest that involves camp searchlight.

  4. Mewtario says:

    I'm sure we would all be very happily watch new satire songs of his if he made some!

    If I am recalling correctly, one of the big reasons that he quit was that he didn't enjoy public performances.

    My thought is, perhaps he could start his own YouTube channel?

    He can perform pseudo-live, but redo or edit takes as much as he wants until he's happy with the result, and his satire can remain as topical as desired, because there is no time wasted in waiting to have enough songs for a record!

  5. Mewtario says:

    *be very happy to watch

    Pardon my grammatical oversight

  6. LickedHorn says:

    I read that he feels that the topics today are too complex for him to enjoy making parodies. He has many topics, but he doesn't think he can make them funny, unfortunately.

  7. GAWD! I remember playing his album as a kid!
    This was great seeing/hearing it again.

  8. K Harris says:

    at 82, i doubt he knows how to use the internet

  9. In the tradition of Tom Lehrer I will have to encourage that: No, he doesn´t.

  10. spikeof2010 says:

    This is entirely relevant.

  11. Carl O says:

    And hour and a half. Sounds about right. Nuclear wars don't last long. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Dyl Pikkle says:

    "An hour and a half from now" I see whatcha did there… aha.

  13. Edison Trent says:

    I'm going to make a mod for Fallout 4 to have these on the radio station. They simply need to be.

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