Top 10 world war 1 games


10 Toy Soldiers #9 Victoria 2 #8 NecroVision #7 Rise Of Flight #6 Valiant Hearts #5 Red Ace Squadron #4 NecroVision 2-Lost Company #3 WW1-Source #2 …



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  1. Too bad Verdun isn't on console. :(

  2. Verdun is much better now, that's an old one

  3. You forgot about Red Baron 3D!

  4. WetDogBed says:

    this is not all ww1 you assclown

  5. TINY TIGER says:

    I really want a CoD set in ww1

  6. Danny A says:

    Add Battlefield 5 to this list lol.

  7. definetely WW1 games i tottaly agree……

  8. necro trashes games aren't ww1.

  9. the best WW1 game is a mod for BF'42 "Battlefield 1918"

  10. Nikola Savic says:

    SERBIAN SONGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. NECROVISION IS NOT A WW1 game know your game

  12. victoria needs a mod or a realy long wait

  13. RandomFinn says:

    Great list, 3 of the games weren´t even WWI games 2 NecroVisions and Darkest of days

  14. valient heart most be in 1º u-u

  15. In other words there are no good ww1 games

  16. Gavin Casey says:

    Whenever I Look Up This Song I Never Find It.

  17. RomuX says:

    Wtf Necrovision isnt in our world

  18. Frank Murphy says:

    who is the song performed by?

  19. Matija Zuric says:

    konacno se neko setio i srpskih junaka i same Srbije iz 1. svetskog rata!!! Iznenadjen sam :D

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