US Man Chooses Arranged Marriage in India


By John Rambo

I am a 28-year-old American man living in India, married to an Indian girl. It was an arranged marriage, arranged by her parents. It was definitely not a “love marriage”, where a boy meets a girl and directly proposes to her and tries to “woo her”.

Growing up in America, I did not have a very positive view of women. Sure, there were a few good girls, but mostly the women I knew were all whores, to put it bluntly.

One girl I remember, who was only 16, had sex with like 20 guys during a 3-month period. I lost all respect for American women and basically saw them as nothing but animals.


Everything changed when I visited India. The women I met there were completely different. Real feminine women who weren’t brainwashed by the man-hating feminist culture of the West. Indian women had qualities of gentleness, submissiveness, humility, and kindness.

My wife is 18. She is very feminine and graceful. She is very soft, humble, and meek. This feminine type of behavior naturally invokes a chivalrous attitude in me.

You see, it is the natural desire of men to act as the protectors of women.  But when women act arrogant and independent and hateful, it turns the man off completely.

As a result, men in the West no longer want to support women, and just last week, we saw this in Australia. There was a flood, and a young woman was being swept away by the flood waters, and a bunch of men stood by and did not try to save her, but instead filmed her drowning on their mobile phones.

My wife cooks daily, cleans the house, and she never thinks that these tasks are “below her”. Yes, we will have children after a couple of years probably.

Did I pay her parents? No, they are honest people and did not ask anything and I did not ask a dowry from them either. Now, I have met some Indian girls who did dare to ask for money, which I thought was very offensive.

How did I get the idea to do this? Well, I was looking to get married, because in India, you cannot have sex without marriage.

It’s not like the West or other countries in Asia where you can have a girlfriend. Because India is still so traditional, the whole concept of marriage still applies.

Now, if I were living in Thailand, I would not marry, as I could get all of my needs met by any old “massage parlor.”

So the more women give sex away, the less incentive there is for men to marry them. That is something western women should really think about.

How did I go about it? I met her parents, and they offered to marry their daughter to me, and so we arranged a marriage date and then did the wedding. Does she satisfy a need for companionship, yes I think so.

Is lack of education a factor? Well, I think lack of education is a good thing. Too much education for women turns them independent. The more educated a woman is, the less dependent she will be on a man.

Women in the West are so independent because they are way too “educated.” Education is nothing but a disguised indoctrination.

Western women are getting PhDs in Psychology and other useless subjects, but they can’t even cook a good meal. So I’d call that kind of education completely useless!

My wife is like a real woman, actually acts feminine. So I am quite satisfied.

As for my work, I am self employed and working through the internet and making quite good money for India, even by western standards. This allows me to live very nicely here.


How to meet Indian women, being a westerner? That is not so easy, as Indian women are quite shy and are almost afraid of westerners. If you want to meet Indian women, I’d recommend that you learn about the culture and the religion of India.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between Indian women who live in India and Indian women who live in the West. Indian women who live in the West tend to get westernized extremely fast, and become even more westernized than western women.

So, I recommend that you AVOID Indian women in the West and try to meet Indian women who live in India.

How to do that practically? Well, I don’t recommend that you go to India simply for this purpose. I’d recommend that you come here to learn about the culture and religion.

Spend some time there; it is a relaxing place. There are many yoga organizations and spiritual organizations you can join. That may be one way to meet girls.

Another way would be to work with some charity. In India, they also have marriage ads in the newspapers,but I personally have too much dignity for that.

Also, if you marry a woman from India or Asia, go and live in her country.

Arranged marriages are based more on concepts of duty and loyalty than western marriages. It’s hard to explain, as the concept exists in a paradigm that is completely outside the western paradigm.

I was not previously married in America, and actually avoided women mostly by choice, so I was not leaving behind any bad relationships. I am an intelligent person and can understand things simply by seeing them, so I never had to go through the relationship meat grinder of America.

Did you know that one in four American women take medication for a mental disorder?

All in all, I recommend that western men check out India and other countries in Asia, and see how they like the culture. I think you will find that they are very relaxing and stress-free places compared to the West.

The atmosphere of India is the main reason why I like it so much.


Note on Feminism

In the bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc, Western “culture” is catching on fast, through the television shows, movies, and internet. Many Indian men are now openly complaining about how Indian women are no longer “traditional” or make good wives.

Of course, most Indian women are still quite good, but there is a growing number of radical feminist types and ultra-westernized types in the big cities.

There is a huge anti-feminist movement in India, with an estimated 30,000 Indian men’s rights activists. They are fighting against feminist laws in India such as 498a, which is a law that has been abused by many lying women

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