Video: The Coming Global Economic Meltdown


¬†Americans are living beyond their means and Asia is currently financing that. But eventually the Asians/Europeans will stop financing the USA and then the bubble will burst.Over the decades, Americans have become nothing but a group of self-entitled credit-dependent debt-ridden ignorant asswipes who are so used to the delusion of a “free ride” (via easy credit) that they now have virtually zero clue how big the inevitable collapse will be. Oh well, at least they have plenty of fast food chains to spend their last worthless pennies at in the meantime.


For years Ron Paul and every adherent of the Austrian school of economics has been saying that the crash of the U.S. economy was coming. During the last presidential election campaign the media hacks and the Dems and Reps all mocked him. Nobody’s laughing at Dr Paul now. The lying mercantilists who run the USA are instead trying to avoid him, but they can’t because the American people are waking up and listening to Ron Paul.

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  1. Not all Americans swipe credit cards.Barter exchange is making a comeback.Some Americans like me do not want to be tracked and slaves to credit card payment.Sadley lots of Americans are addicted to credit card swipping, and all us folks are paying the price for their foolish spending.Lots of plastic Chinese crap sold to us on credit.We are already in turmoil.This is old news.N.W.O. Agenda 21, chemtrailing, G.M.O. seeds, and microwave cell phone tower pineal gland spinout are Americas real problems now.Who is Honey Booboo? Been to any protests over here yet?

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