Waking Up to the Truth – History of Conspiracies – UROKO – Full length


Waking Up to the Truth – UROKO – History of Conspiracies – Full length Uroko – (japanese): Scale (e.g. fish, serpent) “Uroko ga me kara ochiru”; japanese …


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  1. Excellent video…..one of the best I have seen ! TY

    Check out my 1% elite playlist there are over 1300 videos of in-sight-full info there !

  2. maersklandro says:

    The money supply has to grow geometrically perpetually or there is nowhere for companies' running costs, let alone profits, to come from.

  3. Keep exposing the elite, good job !!!

  4. Comprehensive, insightful and revealing! Thank you for this great video. All that we learned in history class were lies.

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