War & Peace 2015 & New Arrivals


A review of the 2015 War & Peace Show along with several new items that shall be appearing in future videos! Tunics, F1s, Ammo Tin, Gas Masks & PM1910 …


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  1. Are you going to run a mixed uniform that was common in 1943 and after (camo smocks with regular trousers and other kit) or just the vanilla German army field uniform.

  2. I have a feeling you meant braces rather than suspenders lol

    Good buys nonetheless

  3. Harry B says:

    The reason no one was there on saterday was because people where stuck in traffic for 4 hours in the last 4 miles to the show.

  4. Big fan of your channel. Do another video on your gun collection if you've updated it?

  5. nice to see you finlly getting into the gear side of militaria collecting :)

  6. nice Maxim- where did you find that one? with Ryton not at w&p this year there were only a few dealers that had them- looking forward to full review video

  7. Tom Nutts says:

    I had a very light haul from W&P 2015- WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class was the highlight. Been an expensive year for armour-buying, so I didn't have much pocket money left!

  8. Awesome stuff! Was the M38 gasmask got from like a couple of eastern European guys? If so I think I saw them 2 years ago there. Lovin' the Maxim!

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