WELCOME TO WALMART: Your New World Order Superstore


The reality about Walmart and the New Earth Buy.
TruthMediaFilms Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwxVsK4NQKaNbsRgyJcSAYg


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  1. Jazer Blade says:

    160 bucks a month for meds. fuck you jeb bush!

  2. Walter L. says:

    Where I live every other store is so over priced. There are so many other super store which charge more money. Where I live we have a Vons and a Ralphs which is so over priced. Anything you buy is like 1 buck to 2 bucks more then value. Who wants to try to open a Superstore when you got so many other ones people go to.

  3. lumie soucek says:

    Walmart is a criminal company. They left their injured employees to die including me. Stop buying Walmart. Shut them down. Walmart started on taxpayers money and continues to collect government money.

  4. Lisa W says:

    YouTuber "The Truth Channel" copied your video today and reposted on their channel without giving acknowledgements to you. 9-14-16.

  5. warmecanic says:

    New labor camps, ladies and gentlemen.

  6. blanca diaz says:

    What is wrong with Congress? that 400 millions was for isis.are your hands tied. American ,Congress isn't helping us and nether is the so called prasident. What are we going to do?why can we make a small army or something. this situation is getting out of hand. Good lord send us a massage! !!

  7. Tom Dockery says:

    I'll have to keep shopping there until the Jews allow us to bet on sports.

  8. I couldn't buy my huge tv and x box one from mom and pop's store.

  9. I refuse to shop at walmart,allway's have

  10. Bruno Bruno says:

    $7.85 per hourare you living in USA for $7.85 per hour shame to Walmart

  11. Bollocks people voted for communism sorry democratic socialism cause it promised them free things! And what they got was job losses higher taxes inflation loss of liberty and the list goes on. This is what happens when big government takes control for the so called greater good. It was the government polices what we where told was to protect use what put the small businesses out of business. Yes bigger businesses do lobby which is bull shit but it was the government with there so called power to the people slogans and the promises of free stuff what people voted for naively without thinking of the consequences what passed the laws and made it possible for all this. Basically Walmart is not this evil thing what wants to control the people with microchips lol there just greedy twats who saw and opportunity to lobby. Its the governments and the money printers who want to control.

  12. Wish I could leave America. I'm only 14. Anyone want to take me out of here? Lol

  13. spicecrop says:

    Shove your thousand points of light up your NAZI asshole Bush!

  14. That's just fucked

  15. Ok Gaming says:

    That's it i'm getting my guns and destroying  all of the fucking wal marts in the world including the illuminati organization.

  16. JC Morrone says:

    I make a conscientious effort not to shop at Wal-Mart whenever possible. I don't like the idea of patronizing that chain no matter how convenient it might be. With the exception of their food products, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find stationary goods manufactured in the USA in their stores. Wal-Mart just epitomizes the concept of "quantity versus quality" with their business model in my opinion. Just the outside appearance of their stores now practically scream mass consumerism/materialism to me.

  17. Now every time we go to Walmart, my little brother sneaks by the double doors in the back and tries to peak for guillotines.

  18. small businesses need to be less greedy and lower prices people can only shop where they can small business owners killed the small business you can't blame all the trouble on big name store's

  19. Sam Walton liked but sex!

  20. Jennif S says:

    people are not, and have never been obliged to shop at walmart.

  21. People complain when a Walmart moves to their town because all the small businesses close, but these very same people are the ones who stop buying from the small businesses and switch to Walmart instead. If you support the small businesses then go shop there!

  22. adonian says:

    Better buy your guns and ammo now since your neighbors are watching you like the good little nazis they are.

  23. ALI EN says:

    bushwackers the bastard

  24. walmart is piece of shit.but people still shop there.employees get mistreated and their product cames from sweatshops but the usa consumeres still support this corporation

  25. You seem bitter. Are you jealous of them? Smh, all this for what. They have money and power. Get over yourself. That's why you're making these videos. Grow a pair!

  26. if all walmarts close it is because of coming volcanic activity and a complted underground banking ops for the rich – they went underground – so all you do is go to each hometime and open a store and watch for bad weather hopefully good sense will move you too – its good

  27. Matt Kenna says:

    I knew a person who owned their own local store/gift shop and at the time I worked for a privately owned toy manufacturer. Out of respect for the store owner and employer I never stepped foot in my local WalMart. Then in the span of one month I found out they were both WalMart shoppers! I then figured why not and I now go to WalMart from tome to time and it's no different then any other store they have decent products mixed in with crappy products, overpriced items mixed in with good deals. I don't do a lot of shopping there but see nothing wrong going there time to time.

  28. By design.. Run small business out, move in cheap Chinese crap. Then close, sell out to big government, and use the beast as a prison for the peasants.

  29. Walmart opens in small towns and destroys all the mom-and-pop stores! Well if you don't want that to happen, Don't shop at Walmart! It's that simple!

  30. What do you suggest one to do then. Especially if you are employed by WalMart.

  31. As they close, get used to it and move on. Buy local.

  32. I don't shop at Walmart and neither should you! They should close all Walmart stores for good. They are bad for America

  33. CL S says:

    Boooooo!!! hahaha

  34. ….and to think i used to "HAUL their "Goods"

  35. Belle Singer says:

    That's corporate giants for you all chain stores are the same!

  36. Once the United States Of America does away with that silly 2nd Amendment I’m putting this add out to the NWO.

    Total extermination and disposal of an entire town’s UNARMED population with no destruction of property can easily be done by myself and 49 other Army MOS 31E exactly like me in one day for 4,700 Bitcoin.

    Using cell phone tracking total population extermination is ensured.

    To insure your investment our Corrections Specialists are chemically programed to obey using chemicals the public may have caught wind of such as Prozac

    Primary Duties: Controls, supervises, terminates, incinerates civilian population/ prisoners and manages confinement operations and Wal-Mart treatment programs.

    Skill Level 1 Due to religious exceptions of some members Termination of children/babies will be at the end to keep parents in line and then babies tossed to burning parents so they can join each other in the afterlife together. It will be a kindness trust us.

    Skill Level 2 Supervises, terminates, incinerates, counsels and manages civilian prisoners in confinement/correction Walmarts.

    Skill Level 3 Supervises confinement Walmart operations, counseling, management, termination, incineration, training, and employment of Civilian prisoners in confinement/correction Walmarts.

    Skill Level 4 Supervises confinement facility operations and establishes procedures for counseling, management, termination, incineration, training, and employment of civilian prisoners in confinement/correction Walmarts.

    Skill Level 5 Supervises and establishes procedures for all type activities within confinement/correction Walmarts.

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