Will God Send A Great Warning Before World War 3?


Many Bible prophecies about our End Times are revealed by St. John’s mysterious Cryptogram. http://www.thirdeaglemedia.com/


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  1. It is well known that the Catholic Church converted the pagan societies of the world by adopting their harmless traditions, like Christmas trees, and abolishing their harmful traditions, like human sacrifice and cannibalism. As a result, we now have Christmas trees but no human sacrifice. I don't consider that such a bad trade off. But, if you really want to attack evil you should take on Planned Parenthood, where they STILL practice human sacrifice!

  2. Erik Cast says:

    Yes, God will send a Warning before the World War according to the first prophetic message. The second message gives a description of the Warning.

    website- thewarningsecondcoming
    message date July 13, 2012, message date July 12, 2012

  3. Mr. Tapely, I know that you're familiar with Fatima's messages, & I'm confident that you're aware of Garabandal's apparition's too. One of the latter's messages was actually called "The Warning," and has been described as a "correction of each person's conscience"…One Garabandal seer suggested that the Warning interrupts WW III as Russia begins to over-run Europe (the US is ominously never mentioned!).
    Is this, in your opinion, a legitimate prophecy? Mike O'Loughlin 

  4. Yes, I believe the invasion will have started before the warning.

  5. Jeff Rose says:

    In Revalation 18:9 and 10, is that speaking of 911?

  6. No, 911 was a warning. See: "The Harbinger" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

  7. Thank you so much for our Videos and sharing the true Gospel with us, You really helped me with something's that I was confused about. I have been watching your videos and Gods word more clearly. I know we don't have much time left here.

  8. Morn Wood says:

    People think you automatically will die because of these evil people but you can be exempt of you prepare. 

  9. I think what looks like a mountain of fire falling on the sea and turning it to blood and all the destruction follows that is a … asteroid… they look like mountains and they burn when they enter earth's atmosphere. 

  10. chelbedoo says:

    It's 2014 – you said in this video that Armageddon will be in 2017 (5 centuries after Martin Luther's thesis).  That is completely wrong.  The Tribulation period is 7 years long, and there is only 3 years left until your Armageddon.  It doesn't fit.

  11. BugsBunnyCat says:

    The rapture is a protestant belief, it is not Catholic.

  12. FBC Carmel says:

    Hi. American Pharoah won!!! So what does that mean???

  13. the 2nd trumpet is actually an asteroid

  14. G Fields says:

    But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

  15. Lorna Hunter says:

    if its gonna happen its gonna happen theres nothing no one can do about it just enjoy life if it happens then whatever

  16. In God we trust and no other name excepted other than Jesus !God bless America and help us defeat the enemies that our trying to hurt your children father we ask you to please bless Donald Trump and rain favor on him and his family in Jesus Name we pray Amen !

  17. dill mann says:

    Putin honored the “Queen of Heaven” in Russia
    The belt of Mary the ‘Queen of Heaven” was welcomed in Russia on 26th of November by Vladimir Putin.

    No communist would ever do this…. I trust Putin more than Obama hands down!

  18. JAKE WHITE says:

    i think that the 6th Seal 6:12-17 means the Wrath, the Tribulation or something like that, i meant, that when us = God's Holy People = real, true Christians = newborns in Jesus Christ has already taken out from the Earth as the God's Spirit = Holy Spirit = Holy Ghost too at the half way of the Satan's the devil's 7th Earth Year ruling time, which is the 3,5 year's from the arrive of the devil = the Second Beast, maybe (sorry about my quite bad English, hope you understand at least the most what i am trying to say), but what i am trying to say and saying more simply, is, that after we saved by Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit has been taken out from the Earth for good = for ever, the time of Satan will start or continue and get lot lot worse and before the 1000 year's of Peace = Peace Time, Almighty God will destroy 2 / 3 of the World's Population and on same that time, God will sank also 2 / 3 of all of the ships in the World and not in / at the WW3! ok!? but in the WW3 were probably will be sink by many or lots of WAR ships and maybe / probably sivilian ships too! time will show how all will happen, that i might be wrong in everything what i said, but i believe with alive Faith that i am mostly or 100% right what i said, but i am not 100% sure was the Tribulation right word to use = tell you what i was trying to tell you!

  19. JAKE WHITE says:

    the great army is probably the Russian army in / at the Holy Land = Israel, if not having other Slavik or maybe / probably saying better as other Russian or Russian Like Nations, like the Belarus etc and also or only with the Russia all or most of or at least some of those Arabic Countries = Nations which will attack at the end of the WW3 against the so huge Russian Army and kill 5 / 6 all of Its' soldiers and probably the Putin himself who has come to the Holy Land to enjoy the victory and the rest of the Great (Russian) Army, 1 / 6 = 1 of the 6th will flee (correct me if i write the word "flee" wrong) = escape to the North of the Israel if not furter away and the wild animals will destroy = kill them all! ok!? God is so great and awesom! amen! love you many so, but God like Jesus Christ (of / the Nazareth) loves all of us the most than any of us people and animals and angels etc ever can and hasn't and never will and all of us Almighty God like Jesus Christ loves and want to save all of us from the Hell! so, what you say you people = humans, who are not saved by Him = by Jesus Chrsit, that you have not give your own life and yourself to Him = to Jesus Christ Who only saves and much more and you haven't not yet start to follow Him either!? : )

  20. JAKE WHITE says:

    the EarthQuacke and the Moon tuning to a Blood and the Sun not giving Its' light any more etc etc, meaning the Destruction of the entire = whole USA! what you think!? but i won't say and deny, wouldn't there 1 or more EarthQuackes before the Rapture and / or after it! God probably making the Earthquckes etc destroying those islands and mountains etc, so (the Word of God = the Bible) that the highest Mountain in / at the World, would no longer be the Mount Everest etc, but the 1 of the Mountains in / at the Israel, which name i don't remember! or what you think all or some of this!? : )

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