World War 3 (Instrumental)




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  1. Nice..
    Thanks for tha upload man xD

  2. kefko s says:

    screaming for your momma doesnt help you from the drama,. go search for you karma, this is war mthrfckr, i spit this flow before i get this ho,. so fck all of yaa,.
    because i spit this sht with dope flows,.
    oooh noo dont get after me for more doo,.
    i dont have any money left,. and there arent a lot of honey's left,.so collect your money in cash,. iam fixing this sht in six in de morning,..damnn

  3. Fill Osfp says:

    boukali, poutsa pali eirthe o tusis me stixourgo patali
    stratopedo, akou to kolopedo sou gamw to ikopedo
    exodos, eine ekei kai opoios den goustarei na paw na gamithei
    marios, kai kathe arxareios akouei ton tousi safos
    mikaela, bgale tin fanela, kai ela!!
    ginekologos, ti leksi eine auti ma den sou peftei logos

  4. Kyllah Swing says:

    writing it on youtubes gay because you can't hear the emotion or expression

  5. RAAARARA RA RA RA RA RAaaaaaa^^

  6. tyler denais says:

    hit me up so i can spit on ya beats
    holla at me nigga beats hot

  7. Tomass Zutis says:

    Deeeeaaaamn, nice beat. . .

  8. SLiMDeeZuL says:


  9. Blaz'n Cain says:

    yeo can i do this beat let me know

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