World War 3 (Official Trailer 2.0)


The world is at war for the third time in its history . The war many said was impossible is now tearing around the planet and no one is safe . A trailer for the series of …


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  1. I have seen ur vids and i admire the ww3 videos but are they all canon and if yes who is fighting against who? Please keep answer short if possible

  2. Ti Seng Lim says:


  3. OMG this song! It's from D-Grey Man isn't it? At least the theme sounds familiar.

  4. Edwin Colon says:

    I like this and i can wait for the videos
    And what is the name of this videos 

  5. I just thought of a GREAT IDEA!!!!! when you show enough maps of the war, I could make an mapping animation video with only maps and I could show changing boarders.

  6. Very good, I've enjoyed your videos and the idea for some time and this trailer is great. I love that it goes back to the previous wars and you call them "Human Civil Wars" which really strikes cords with me. I only think you could perhaps play on the tragedy, loss and humanity more…the emotional heart strings etc… being so vast and a civil war of course. But that's me, very good job regardless… looking forward to the new series.

  7. I could do an map animation of this.

  8. are you going to finish the canada series?

  9. Someone needs to make a movie about this Shattered Citadel universe.

  10. JESUS CHRIST gave us the answers to everything thats coming
    the lord Jesus told us satan will force a one world government
    first will come major war
    than when everyone is desperate and scared
    satan will introduce the anti christ
    the anti christ will offer world peace
    the people who don't know jesus will fall for satan's deception
    people will proclaim the  anti christ  as savior and accept his mark
    they will believe the false prophet 
    who will tell the world to worship the anti christ
    and all the world who doesn't belong to jesus will
    bend over and worship the anti christ
    than God will begin his 7 last plagues
    by the 7th plauge the lord jesus will come

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