World War 3 – Simulation


Realistic simulation of World War 3, based on the current tensions between Iran and the western world, as well as the Syrian Civil War. I am not an expert in …


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  1. Kosova is independent country.
    We will never be allie with Russia. And if we are going to be attacked from any countries like Russia of Serbia? Albanians are going to fight to death. And never forget are friends like Albania, Italy, Germany, Turkey… this countires who fight hard in politics to make are KOSOVA free today.
    Albanians are the youngest and fastest growing nation in Europe.

  2. Turkey? fuck the vidios and russia and china

  3. tskcthulhu says:

    i hate being in turkey

  4. Petrov Ilian says:


  5. Idiot turkey whould take over russia

  6. Fucking faggot turkey split russia in half u are realy dumb how old are you????

  7. Syria will be invaded by Iran, Iran can't do shit on its own xD

  8. Mr. Sam says:

    they guy who made this video his probably from iran

  9. Mr. Sam says:

    iranian military is power full they kinda can get every middle eastern country but not russians or other countrys they dosen't have enough power to do that

  10. You just buffed the shit out of Russia here. Also, it will not be easy for Russia to take land from Turkey, it is very hard with weapons left from Soviet Union.

  11. Adam Monzo says:

    How could turkey be neutral there in nato along with Japan , like the effort but I would check defense pacts by country

  12. spayre moyo says:

    Mt.sam iran cant conqwer israel. israel is thr most power full country in middle east. israel stronger than iran. and israel had the third airforce power in the world after USA and Russia.

  13. the is the most incorrect video i'd ever seen

  14. Can't wait until Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea give the US, UK, and the illegitimate and parasitic Zionist Regime a sound thrashing in World War 3!! ???????? ? ???????

  15. IsoXable says:

    guys the ww3 will end in a nuclear apocalypse nobody will win the war

  16. DinoRefresh says:

    hayal gücünüzü sikeyim ! Bu vatan 100 lerce yıldır bölünmedi ve bölünmeyecek Ne Mutlu Türk'üm Diyene !

  17. "TURKEY DECLARES HER NEUTRALITY" OMFG Ha ha ha TURKEY The Best military Power in Middle East

  18. Default says:

    omfg so fokin bad

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