World War III ( realistic simulation ) 2016


World War III ( realistic simulation ) 2014-2023. Sorry for my English, translated by Google, I hope that everything is clear and understandable. Europe and USA …


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  1. Mine.unicorn says:

    lol nice imagination u said isreal will fall enough said u don't know a sh*t

  2. Antonis Ziso says:

    I bet that This youtuber is muslim and a kid….

  3. iran allying with Arabs and the Norway situation are total fantasy, nice imagination, kid

  4. I'm Muslim and this video simply offends me, Muslim revolution in Europe? You fucking with me? Islam is a peaceful religion no matter what the extremist minority or lamestream media want you to believe, also Saudi Arabia will never ally with Iran that's the biggest bullshit I've ever heard, the Saudi's would rather ally itself with Israel to destroy iran, why? Cause KSA is a broken slave monarchy state. Well in anycase the only sense of realism in the video is the possibility of Britain leaving the EU and Israel attacking Iran 

  5. Made no sense it was like world war 2 all over again.

  6. By Muslim you mean the stupid ISIS

  7. Wade Willson says:

    @illuminati WIZJA You are an idiot…You colored the wrong country green for Belgium!

  8. That was a very funny WTF moment. Learning geopolitics for like two minutes would anihilate your prodigiously ridiculous scenario.

    Thanks for the fun though.
    Yet, 'muslims' is neither a country or a nation. Muslims are (for 99,9999 percent of em) peacefull and 'where did I put my damn car Keys-just like you' kind of people.

    And what's that deal with France ? Seriously ? We are free, we are tolerant, we are the nation of human rights 'le pays des droits de l'homme', we have plenty of nukes… (That we won't use exept if anyone nukes us first).

    This is a funny weird simulation. A lil bit racist tho.

    Seems to come from a Bush fan or whatever. 

  9. Chi Chu says:

    Bad simulation of world war 3 not good with any real representation of video clips cut sliced together form in into a world war 3 video scenario nuclear war destructions on the human race and the planet earth.

  10. Anshul katta says:

    lol…so think US will keep quiet while russia and muslims occupy world … :P

  11. I spend 1:53 minutes for this fucking retarded simulation Ukraine and Russia alliance? REALLY NIGGA!

  12. The European union suddenly collapses? nigga what?

  13. Islam not A war Islam=peace(not ısıs)

  14. America will racket to any attack on any allies nothing will go quietly some people think that's how it will go down it will be almost like ww2  Russia America and UK

  15. Doesn't make much sense… Norway joins NATO but not Sweden…?

  16. Nick Simpson says:

    I like how Japan, germany, Italy, Brazil… Etc all were enemies of the USA/Canada/UK (IRL they're all a tight-netted network in an alliance). this video is nowhere near realistic. Shameful.

  17. D DN says:


  18. ClubZlut says:

    The fuck is this..? The shit was almost semi-plausible until you had the UK leaving the EU for no damn reason..and then the EU collapsing for no damn reason..after that it turns into what has to be the end result of smoking one of the finest rocks of crack ever cooked by mankind.

  19. Umit Hossain says:

    LOL, Now this is f*cked up! You know what? WTF? Nothing happened exactly? That is bullcrap! I dont believe non of that! There is no fucing evidence to support that

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