WW3 UPDATE: Ukraine crisis: Mariupol preparing for attack! BBC are happy to propagate this war !



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  1. monkeyt033 says:

    White supremacist AZOV battalion is the main force in Mariupol.

  2. The BBC are hardly planting the 'seed' in case of fighting taking place in Mariupol. If the city falls, then who is to blame other than the pro-Putin rebels. The Ukrainians are not going to provoke a fight which could result in another military defeat. I wouldn't say the BBC are warmongering or trying to undermine the Minsk agreement, the rebels did that themselves when they assaulted Debalsteve, or when they took Donetsk airport in blatant violation of the ceasefires. Also he didn't say Mariupol is under attack, he said there were skirmishes in a village on the front-line. And how isn't Russia the aggressor? They are arming, training and helping rebels in a conflict they ignited in retaliation for a pro-Russian government being toppled. How can you expect a Ukrainian soldier not to request weapons that will help them him and his men fight a foe who is receiving huge amounts of arms. And whilst I don't think the separatists have T-90s (Russia isn't that stupid), they DO have Russian tanks. The amount of armor they are able to call upon just doesn't add up with the fact that for months they hadn't captured any Ukrainian bases, or any columns of Ukrainian vehicles, yet had plenty of T-72BMs to counter-attack at Donetsk, before then carrying out multiple coordinated offensives against the Ukrainian military.

  3. Police Arrest Ukrainian MP Involved in Odessa Tragedy at Nemtsov's Mourning

    Read more: http://sputniknews.com/russia/20150301/1018921582.html#ixzz3T9ar7ZL3

  4. bj parker says:

    You make some great points here, so one sided is the report. What has happened to Pallister though? He used to make good balanced comments. Not so sure now.

  5. you nailed it brother

  6. So what I think I know, Ukraine was the aggressor, they are being supplied by nazi elements in the west, the people of Donbass are ethnic Russians, Ukraine commanders loosely talk of genocide, despite superior numbers and equipment they got their ass served to them, and if the USA had proof of Russia intervention they would have jammed that evidence down everybody's throat.  I do not champion Russia, Ukraine or the USA, but I do like those feisty rebels.  From what I have seen online, they are focused on protecting citizens and driving out the invading army.

  7. "The big bad Russians…wooooo boooga booga!

  8. What's really bad is that PM Harper of my country Canada is the biggest cheerleader for war in the Ukraine.  He even got up in Putin's face at a summit!

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