Civ 5 World War – Part 3: The Battle of Yerevan


Deep strategy, cunning and diplomacy will be required to win control of the World in Civ 5! Join us as we bum around and chat about nonsense for hours …


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  1. I think there could be another citrus war between duncan and flax

  2. I think the reason Gibraltar touches Morocco is so that you could settle there, and settle where the Mediterranean Sea hits the Red Sea so that you control the means of sea transportation. 

  3. Is rythian Bulgarian he sounds it to me
    Anyone else? justme

  4. TheLego989 says:

    This is my favorite Civilization 5 playthrough, mainly because Duncan wins.

  5. Aron en Ark says:

    Elephants in Canada. I love civ.

  6. All heil Sipscord!

  7. Cogwhale _ says:

    Sips actually had a good plan, he was the french who get good tourism he built the parthenon and put down diplomats in enemy cities 

  8. Puppet Master, Chaos Lord? 0:16 I go for Puppet Master/ Marionette

  9. blacktouge says:

    Duncan wins.

  10. Matt Smith says:

    I feel sjin is like into furries 

  11. Why is Yerevan in America??? Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and Armenia is in Eurasia or some people say Asia.

  12. TheHutcharmy says:

    Ok, here's my reasoning for Venice being so hated. Nobody actually tries Venice because they just assume it's shit. You have to actually try a game as Venice to realize this it's actually really fun and kinda overpowered if you get a lot of Merchants. Just give it a chance, it's honestly one of my favorite civs.

  13. complains how usa isn't a curate land isn't even uss

  14. Saucymist says:

    In the text:
    "How are we going to stop Rythian"
    "Blockade his trade"

    Now i'm just waiting for "Embargo Venice" to go through

  15. The reason the Mediterranean wasn't connected is map size. It couldn't accurately depict the continents and the bodies of water, so it settled for only the continents.


  17. Adam Rushin says:

    mummy!! I need an aircraft carrier!!

  18. Bobby Ray says:

    Shin didn't talk once ???

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