The Manufacturing of a President


Zen Gardner

“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”  – Marshall McCluhan

What Do Egypt and Barak Obama Have in Common?

Our intrepid President made a visit to Egypt at one point…(his head positioned under the apex of course as he struts his stuff for the cameras..)

Next thing you know…(New World Order handlers David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel proudly prancing at his side)…

Voila!….now he’s the new Pharoah of the world! Whatta Prez!

Let’s take it another step…

Freeman is an esoteric researcher that never ceases to amaze, and is one of my personal favorites because of his unfailingly upbeat, encouraging spiritual message while being thoroughly knowledgeable of the occult and its implications in today’s world. (

But here’s a dramatization of his take on the possibility that Obama might actually have been cloned from an ancient Egyptian Pharoah…it’s certainly scientifically possible…


So Who Is this Manufactured Darling of the Media Selected to be our President?

At all appearances he’s the paid front man, frolicking in his zillion dollar playpen on the world stage, sponsored by the elite who are proud to announce their overt arrival, using the face of this apparent international media uber-success:

On one of his many vacations, “The world’s crumbling, honey–what kind of ice cream would you like?”

You can’t help but wonder how this man got to be President, never mind where he really came from. He’s considered to be ‘eloquent’ and ‘packs a powerful life story’. I beg to differ.

He is not ‘eloquent’–he’s been groomed to be a smooth talker to appear erudite as he reads teleprompted scripts that are pumped at him. His reading ability only compares well to his fumble-bum predecessor Bush. All this is staged and deliberate.

Nor is his story powerful. It’s empty. It’s the pathetic journey of a weak, handled boy, groomed and programmed to be a controlled puppet. In fact, they won’t even tell us the true story.

What could be more telling than the fact that someone else wrote his supposed biography?

Bill Ayers: Obama’s ghostwriter? (Source)

Anne Leary: We have been lead to believe that Obama’s eloquence is his strength, his trump card. Is it possible that all of this is a charade? A gigantic lie?

It seems to me Bill Ayers should have called the fraudulent ‘memoir’…

‘Dreams From My Author’

“There are few Americans who see themselves as bigger than the presidency but Obama could well be one of them.”–UK Guardian

Ah ha–”bigger than the presidency”. How often have we heard that. That’s like “banks too big to fail”.

Now we’re talking elitist agenda:

Obama has very little to do with all this–he is only the face, the shallow screen and empty hull, a temporary information relay system who’s been carefully programmed for his puppet role. Why is he so smooth, unruffled, poised and arrogant? He knows he’s completely taken care of–all he has to do is wait for them to push “play” the next time…..

Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem

So where did this “bigger agenda” for the golden boy of the socialist new world order come from? How did the controllers finally get their perfect puppet for this last stage of the American transformation..and beyond?

The Manchurian Candidate–or More?

Maybe Obama really is a “mind control” product of the controllers–the next pawn in the long line of deviants willing to perform such a task.

Whether he’s a true “Manchurian candidate”, or at least effectively a part of tried and proven mind control techniques is somewhat moot, although intriguing. The life-long programming and power of personal and political persuasion over him is obvious.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised at any explanation, knowing the history of MK Ultra and similar programs. His CIA pedigree is documented and the rampant use of CIA mind control techniques is notorious–for those who’ll listen. His behavior sure bares it out.

Flash Animation

Who knows. But it’s certainly worth investigating and keeping an eye on. (For a quick introduction to the dark world of mind control and its permeation into society go here.)

Daily Un-reality

One thing any thinking, perceptive person has got to be flabberghasted by is how we seem to be taken for idiots as the bloated, empty promises expand and the economic and social structure seem to systematically crumble around us.

And this so-called “charismatic leader” is nothing but a smooth talking cat in an empty suit that can’t say anything on his own. He plays games as much as he can, treats the serious leadership he’s been handed like a joke, and smirks every chance he gets. How shallow can we get?

Anyway, besides the personal and public affront to our psyches, this whole Obama phenomenon is so weird I’m willing to consider anything! If he wasn’t cloned, or is a real Manchurian candidate, he’s certainly been selected and groomed by somebody with a lot of power and influence…

Where DID He Come From?

There is some great research concerning where this Obama creation came from and what the ultimate intent of the controllers is. It’s all basically the same NWO elite scam, to give the appearance of democracy while the robber barons scoop up the treasure.

As the Protocols blatantly boast:

We replaced the ruler by a charicature of a government -by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves. This is the foundation of the mine we have laid under the goy peoples.”

—Protocols of the Elders of Zion 10

The political and financial roots bare witness…

HIs connections to NWO architect Zbignew Brzezinski are infamous. Here he praises Zbig’s influences on his life:


For more on this connection, go HERE!

Here’s one on him being the Rothschild’s choice–take a look:


More on the Rothschild’s choice here

Amazing Dis-Grace

There you have it, a few manufacturing plants worth considering. But whether you go for the grooming by clandestine elites, outright mind control, the cloned explanation, or whatever, you’ve got to be amazed at his shallow presence, detached actions, cardboard image and scripted performance–as well as the fabricated media circus that swirls around him. All this while the country drunkenly staggers, transfixed on his phony images, and the fabric of society crumbles. It’s just astounding.

I mean every president has been a puppet, but Obama takes it to a whole, new level.

In fact, it seems they may very well be planning on taking HIM to some new level….his arrogance sure fits the bill!

Dream on, controllers…there’s not a chance in hell…well, maybe there…

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!
(The best laid schemes of Mice and Men
oft go awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!)
Robert Burns, To a Mouse (Poem, November, 1785)
Just wondering–hope you are too–it’s not all as it seems… Zen

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  3. m.tunney says:

    How do you dare to throw so many insults around directed at our President. You just randomly weave a venomous web around him without bothering to substantiate anything. Your accusations are nothing more than a bunch of one liners. You obviously want to seed suspicions into the minds of the natural haters those people that are full of venom some even for good cause such as the current state of the economy. I now worry that all of your reporting is based on such shallow and unsubstantiated facts. Maybe I am the real looser for not having understood this sooner.

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