The Secret TBJZL Has Been Hiding! (Tobi is Illuminati)


Tweet this to Tobi at @Tobjizzle to see him try to explain this conspiracy! The sidemen are never safe! You can also RT this: …


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  1. PugZ says:

    xD Tobi has 14 letters Tobiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Nisa Saguid says:

    Stop with this bullshit

  3. This is just joke okay HAHAHAH

  4. Balderdash everyone has 2 eyebrows. So does that mean that you BALDERDASH ARE THE ILLUMINATI

  5. Thats doesn't make any sense ??

  6. Alex Turkey says:

    Who came here from tobi video

  7. Nissi Afata says:

    You talk alot shit man shut this page down for fack sake man!!!!!

  8. Alan Marquis says:

    there is more than 7 sidemen

  9. Is balderdash part of illuminati?

  10. P67ine says:

    you are racist balderdash

  11. Romeo Lor says:

    Bruh this is gay ASF

  12. Hey bald fuck you and your parents go to hell Thats why you are bald and have a stupid face you MAD

  13. Get your fucking facts right

  14. raihaan 452 says:

    Could you do bigahiga

  15. raihaan 452 says:

    I mean nigahiga

  16. Jongsyop Ahn says:

    Since when are there 7 Sidemen?

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